Technology Information For TAFE Staff @ CHEC

If you are a TAFE staff member working on the Coffs Harbour Education Campus, this is the information about technology at this campus.

Which Service Desk?

TAFE staff at Coffs Harbour Education Campus (CHEC) has access to two Technology Service Desks, CHEC and TAFENSW. 

If you aren't sure which Service Desk to contact, please contact the CHEC Service Desk first, we'll provide as much support as we can however, some systems only TAFENSW can assist with.

Enquiries that require a follow-up you will receive an automated email with a ticket number for future contact about this issue.

  • TS-xxxxx is for the CHEC Service Desk
  • INCxxxxxxxx is for the TAFENSW Service Desk

CHEC Technology Service Desk

Face To Face, Phone, WebChat & Email Support Contact Information & Hours

Would you like to chat with us?

This box will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the window

WebChat Hours: Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)

Help us help you; please mention who you work/study for

We can assist you with the following;

  • AV Support (not desktop video conferencing)
  • CHEC Labs - Accounts, Printing, Software & Hardware
  • Hardware Support
  • M Drive Access
  • Network Support (including WiFi)
  • Print/Scan/Copy - Account, Printer Queue Setup/Maintenance, MFD Issues
  • Phones Desk (Huawei)
  • Software Support - troubleshooting error message (except TAFE Corporate Systems) 

TAFENSW Technology Service Desk (State-Wide)

This is the Service Desk that all other TAFE campuses contact. See Service List + Contact Information & Hours

As a TAFE staff member at CHEC, you have three main computer accounts you require to login (they have SEPARATE usernames/passwords).

  1. TAFE Account
    • First login office computer, email, WiFi and all TAFE websites/systems, e.g. john.smithville1 or
    • Created automatically once HR has processed your employment contract
    • Does require Multi-Factor Authentication to most systems, see TAFE Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) using PingID
    • Forgotten Password - go to > click Forgot your password?
    • Contact TAFENSW Service Desk

  2. CHEC Staff Account
    • Account that provides access to the CHEC Print/Copy/Scan facilities and M Drive, e.g.\jsmithvi
    • Created on request from supervisor
    • Forgotten Password - Contact CHEC Service Desk

  3. CHEC Lab Login Account
    • For those doing face to face teaching, it's the 1st login for Student Lab Computers, House PCs, Theatres & Library, e.g. chec.jsmithvi
    • Created on request
    • Forgotten Password - Contact CHEC Service Desk

There is also an additional account that is completely separate and is for the CHEC Facilities System to lodge maintenance requests, login with your staff email address and password.

Step 1: Request an Account

To obtain access to the print/copy/scan facilities @ CHEC, we'll need an email from the supervisor/head of the cost centre sent to, with the following details to create an additional account;

1. Full Name
2. TAFE Email Address
3. Employee ID Number
4. Department
5. TAFE Account Number e.g. 9xxxxxxx or 2010xxxxx
6. Similar Access To: <provide a staff name>
7. Teacher in Computer Lab/Theatre – Yes/No

Please Note:
• This can take approximately 24 hours to process
• The staff ID card will not work without this additional login account
• If a person changes a department, that the new supervisor needs to notify us of this change, so print/copy costs can be charged to the correct department.

Step 2: Obtain & Register Your Staff ID Card

You need to pick-up your card from the TAFE Student Central Office in G.LG.7

  • Swipe your card (it will then say login failed again)
  • Press the Log In/Out button
  • Use the printer keypad to type in your CHEC credentials (e.g. staff\fsmith), press Next
  • Type your password/passcode, press Enter
  • Your card should now be registered. A successfully logged in/user details validated message will appear
  • Test the card by swiping the card again at the printer/copier

You can also take your ID card to the Technology Service Desk in E.G.19 (under Library stairs) who can register the card for you.

Step 3: Add Follow You Printer to Computer

How do I add the "Follow-You" printer to my computer?

More Information

  • Print/Copy/Scan FAQs - Staff
  • Instructions are also available at the print/copy/scan locations

    The printing system at CHEC is not the same as any other TAFE campus.

To find out where the computers are located, what hours they are available, booking and software installed; please visit CHEC Computer Labs

Sign In

You require an extra login to use the computers in CHEC lecture theatres, computer labs & teaching spaces login

  1. Click anywhere on the screen
  2. Type in your CHEC Lab Login Account details e.g. chec.username
  3. Click on the arrow button

Any other logins past the original/first login are your TAFE login (same as you use in your office or at home for TAFE resources) e.g.

Specialist Lab Sign In

There are also several specialist computer labs at CHEC (A.1.16/13, A.1.5, B.G.9, I.G.13 & S.G.6) that you use your TAFE Login Account details e.g.

Following are some guides in regards to using your TAFE email;

How to setup Email on Mobile Device

How Do I Add a Shared Mailbox

Spam/Phishing Explained

Global Address List (GAL)

How do I send an email to everyone at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus?

If you haven't been receiving these emails for CHEC, please contact Evan Jones

You have access to multiple places to store your files. The following table provides this advice.

One DriveYour files on your office computer (syncs with the Cloud)Anywhere with an Internet connection
SharepointYour section shared files (Cloud-Based)Anywhere with an Internet connection

M Drive - CHEC Staff Shared Work

Some sections are CHEC use this to share materials between staff

Office computer connected to CHEC network

Connecting To CHEC Network Servers

S Drive (Labs) - CHEC Student Shared Work

This is the location to store materials for students' classes - you'll need to request write access

Office computer connected to CHEC network

CHEC Lab Computer

P, S, T, U, W Drives

TAFE Domain Drive Mappings

Office computer on any TAFE campus

REMINDER:  USB and External Hard Drives are only to be used as a backup location (second copy) or a temporary transfer method.

How To - Connect To CHEC Network Servers

To connect to campus-wide WiFi; TAFENSW Wireless - Step By Step Instructions from your personal device.

Extra Information: Connect to Staff & Student Wireless (TAFENSW)

This setup will allow you to access WiFi at any TAFE campus.

Following is some information about the phone system at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus.

How can I organise a phone extension?

Campus Phones - Quick Start Guides

Recommended headsets for use with Huawei phones

The phone system at CHEC, is not the same as any other TAFE campus. If you are using a softphone system then please contact TAFENSW Service Desk

The Coffs Harbour Education Campus has a range of AV setups in rooms from, projectors, IWB to video conferencing.

It's highly recommended that you check the room facilities before teaching/presenting.

For some Av Hints at CHEC

AV Support

Some rooms have a phone to call the service desk for AV support; if not please contact the CHEC Service Desk

If you have an event that requires AV support you can book at the same time you book the room(s) via CHEC Room Bookings; CHEC Facilities System, or 0266593093

I've transferred to the Coffs Harbour Education Campus; the following is what you need to know:

  • Print/Copy/Scan - you will need to organise access see above
  • WiFi - it will just work, same as any other TAFE campus
  • Deskphone - you will need to organise an extension number, please see above
  • Softphone - if you've brought the same computer, any further information contact TAFENSW Service Desk 
  • Email (Campus) - to get added to the CHEC email group please contact Evan Jones
  • Computer Re-Image / Re-Name - this will depend on who you need to share files with on network mapped drive (file server)
  • Drive Mappings - depending upon your role you may need to get your account moved, contact TAFENSW Service Desk 

Following is the information concerning Moving Office?

Technology Services doesn't have spare laptops, monitors or computers etc. All equipment is already allocated to staff.

For short term laptop loans:

  • 48 hours - Student Learning Centre (E.G.19) are more setup for students, will connect to the Internet and have Microsoft Office installed
  • 1 week - Library have both staff and student laptops

Where & what equipment can I borrow?

If the software application you require isn't currently installed on your computer, you can generally install it via Software Center. The ones available in the 'Software Center' are the only applications approved by TAFE to install, please contact TAFENSW Service Desk if you have any questions.

As a TAFE staff member, you've been given access to some software to install on your personal computer/device, visit

Please visit Technology Information For TAFE Students @ CHEC for information concerning technology access that is relevant for students studying at CHEC,