Print/Copy/Scan FAQs - Staff

Following are some common questions for staff

Q. What to do if the printer/copier runs out of paper/staples?


Please check the cupboard near this printer, if no paper/staples

CHEC - Please check the cupboard near this printer, if no paper/staples please call SECURITY xtn 83091

Other Campuses:

Q. What to do if the printer/copier runs out of toner or needs a drum replaced?

A. Should be toners/drums near printer (check the cupboard), follow instructions on the printer & box. Please deposit used toner cartridge in the closest Fuji Xerox toner recovery box. 
If no new toners/drums near this printer, please contact Service Desk

Q. What happens if I get "No Documents Waiting" message?

A. Did you select “Follow You” printer queue on your computer?

Were you logged into the computer as you?
Have you already released it at another printer that had an error? please contact Service Desk
If the printing system is experiencing high demand it can take a few minutes to appear. Press Refresh
If longer than 15 mins please contact Service Desk

TAFE Staff – Has your printing suddenly stopped working from this computer and have you had TS provide remote support recently or been advised to clear credentials? TAFE Staff - My printing suddenly stopped working

Q. What if I have no card?

A. You can login manually, by pressing the Log In/Out button


Username = type in "staff\username" (same as you login to the office computer) e.g. staff\fsmith
Password = same as use to login to a computer with (1st login)


Username = type in "staff\username" (it’s NOT the same as you 1st login to the PC) e.g. staff\fsmith
Password = use your CHEC Credentials, password never changes


Username = type in "staff\username" (same as you login to the MySCU/Intranet) e.g. staff\fsmith
Password = same as use to login to a staff computer with (1st login)

Q. What if I get login failed error messsage?

Please contact Service Desk

Q. What if I've lost my card?

A. Go to Student Administration Office to obtain a new card;

SCU & CHSC Staff – Please note you need to wait 24 hours for the card to sync with the system, however you may be able logon manually

TAFE Staff – you’ll need to re-register your card, visit the Technology Service Desk in E.G.19 (under Library) with your card

Q. What happens if I get a red light?

A. To check what the error is;

Press the Log In/Out button > Swipe your card > It will soon display an error message

Please contact Service Desk with the error message

Q. What is recommended to do each time you print?

A. The following will give you steps to ensure you printing occurs as expected
Printing Tips

Q. How do I scan?

  • Insert original into document feeder face up OR lift lid and place page directly onto glass, face down
  • Press Email on the touch panel
  • Select any options required (Colour, 2 Sided, Original Type, File Format etc)
  • Add Email Address;
    • Add Me > To > Save
    • MFD MODEL = C6570/C3570/C5570 - your email address is automatically added
    • Different Email - you can type in the email address
  • Press the Start or Send button

Q. Didn't receive the email with the scanned document attached?

  • Check your Junk mail folders
  • Depending on the number of pages or email system may need to wait (up to 10mins), if longer reduce the quality of the scan or do it in batches
  • Always send to yourself via the pre-programmed address, then forward the email to others if required 

Q. It's printing in black and white not colour?

A. By default printing from a campus computer will print in black and white.
So you need to change the options see Printing Tips