CHEC lecture theatres, computer labs & teaching spaces Login

For those SCU and TAFE staff who teach in the computer labs, teaching spaces or lecture theatres at CHEC, you need another/different login to what you use in your office.

Username Format: chec.username eg. chec.fsmith

Don’t have a chec.username account or remember your details?

Please contact  CHEC Technology Service Desk

Where are the lecture theatres?

DTH150, DTH350, OTH96, M.LG.13, A.1.9

Where are the computer labs?

A.G.6, A.G.7, A.G.8, A.G.10, A.1.6, A.1.10, A.1.12. A.1.14, A.1.24
Student Learning Centre / Service Desk (E.G.19) 

Where are the teaching spaces?

The following rooms have a House PC in them;  A.1.11, A.1.22, A.1.23, A.G.19, A.G.20, A.G.21, B.G.6, B.G.7, B.G.8, E.G.13, O.1.38, Q.G.1, U.G.10 & U.G.18