Moving Office?

Are about to move to a different office?

Step 1: 

For the CHEC Campus: Check with your section contact that they have already organised the CHEC Facilities team to move your furniture etc including your computer via CHEC Facilities Request System 

For Lismore and Gold Coast Campus: Confirm the move has been pre-organised with Property Services via Archibus

Please Note: Huawei phone desk handset is to be left on the desk plugged in - You will be able to log into the desktop handset when you get to your new office, the phone can stay where it is. 

Step 2:

Please contact the Technology Service Desk with;

  • Old office room number
  • New office room number
  • Your phone extension

We'd appreciate 1 weeks notice for any moves at any campus particularly if the room is changing sector eg from CHSC to TAFE staff office.

For larger moves that include 3+ people a lead time of 2 weeks is required.  Large moves should be co-ordinated via Property Services and/or CHEC Facilities and Technology Services to plan/coordinate.

Step 3: 

When you are in your new office you can re-connect your own technology, if you experience issues with this, please contact Technology Service Desk

Please Note: Not all network wall outlets are active. However, there should be Huawei handset on the desk already, so use the grey network cable from that into the back of your computer

Step 4:

Please note down the phone number that was logged in and please pass this number onto Technology Service Desk, then logout the phone if required and login with your number.

How to log in/out with your extension number on any Huawei phone