Login Issues

  • If you are trying to reset the password and receiving the warning "You do not have any registered personal contact details" and can not login to update your personal details, please contact the Service Desk

  • After receiving the correct password, you receive an error saying you are using an incorrect password.  This can sometimes be due to a problem with the web browser storing an incorrect password. In this instance, please try clearing your cache. If this doesn't resolve the problem, your account may be locked, due to too many incorrect password attempts, in which case please contact the Service Desk for further assistance

  • If you do not receive an email within half an hour of requesting your password, please check your junk folder in your email account
  • Ensure you are not pasting your Student ID number or password into the login page.  Always type and make sure there are no accidental spaces before or after

Always ensure your personal contact details are up to date in MyEnrolment. This information is used when resetting your password.

After You Login

How To

For information on how to use please contact the Student Administration Client Services Team. This Managing Your Enrolment may also assist.