How do I obtain an Academic Transcript?

To retrieve a copy of your unofficial copy of your transcript, follow these instructions

To order an official academic transcript please click here.

Step 1: Login to My Enrolment  with your student ID number and SCU password. 

If you can't remember your password, please reset with these instructions: How to reset your SCU password

Step 2: Your unofficial transcript will be emailed to your preferred listed email address.

Check what address you have listed as preferred by clicking on Details -> Contact Details -> My Email Addresses.  Click on the Edit button to add or modify your email address details.

Step 3: Once your email address is correct Select the Grades tab at the top of the screen. Next click View on the course you wish to retrieve the transcript for.

Step 4: Below your grades, you will see an option to Email my Academic Record. This will send your transcript as a .pdf to your preferred listed email address

Step 5:

Once you have received the success screen, please log into your email account to retrieve your unofficial transcript. 

Please note, the success screen will advise you on which email account the unofficial transcript was sent to.