How to Submit a Special Consideration Form

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how SCU students can access and submit a Special Consideration form.

Special Consideration Form -

 Audio Transcript Available Here

While you are studying there may be circumstances or essential commitments that impact your academic performance. Our Special Consideration process is there to support you in these situations.
You can submit a Special Consideration application for an extension of the due date for an assessment task, other than an examination as well as in relation to marking for a completed assessment task.
Requests shall only be considered on the following grounds:

• Health (including impacts of religious fasting)
• Compassionate circumstances
• Religious observances or celebrations
• Serious unforeseen personal events
• Selection in State, national or international sporting or cultural events
• Rendering genuine and unforeseen emergency service in a professional or voluntary capacity
• Rendering any service (including undertaking training) in the Defense Reserves.
• Impacts related to COVID-19

Students must apply for Special Consideration by submitting an electronic form, which is available from a range of web pages, your unit sites and from My Enrolment.
Open and log in to My Enrolment using your Student ID and password. A link is available here.
Navigate to the eForms (CiA) tab and select the Special Consideration Form: Assessment. Please take time to read the Information and Privacy notice at the top of the form.
Your personal details such as Name, student ID and student email will pre-fill on the form. Begin by reviewing this information and then select your course from the list of options.
Once you’ve selected you’ll notice another section of the form appears.
Next, you’ll need to select the grounds, or the reason, for which you are seeking Special Consideration. Click on the arrow to view the list of options and select the relevant reason.
You’ll now be asked to provide an explanation and outline the impact this has had on your ability to complete the assessment. You can type your answer in the text box below.
You will also be asked to confirm if you are registered with Student Equity and Inclusion and have a Learning Access Plan that accommodates extensions. If you answer ‘Yes’, you will be able to submit the letter provided by Student Equity and Inclusion.
The next section is where you will provide details of the relevant assessment item. Select the unit for which you are applying for special consideration. Only units which you are currently enrolled in will appear in the list. If you cannot locate the required unit please contact Client Services.
Continue to fill out the required sections; Type of Task, Due date and number of additional days requested. The new due date will automatically update based on the information you’ve entered.
Next, answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you have previously been granted and extension for this assessment item, and if your request is in relation to marking as opposed to an extension to the due date.
To include multiple assessments in your application, select ‘Yes’ here. You will now have the option to complete additional requests for either the same unit or different units, up to a fifth request.
You will now have the option of adding: supporting documentation; a note; or a URL. It’s important that you refer to the Information section at the top of this form to determine if you are required to submit documentation or not.
To finalise your application, accept the Declaration and select Submit.
Questions marked with an Asterix (*) are mandatory. If you have missed a step through the process you will receive an error message, which provides details on what you are required to do to complete the form before submitting.
Once the form is submitted successfully, you will see the Form Submitted screen with your reference number.
If you require any assistance, please contact the Client Service Team. You can locate our contact details by navigating back to the SCU webpage and selecting ‘Contact Us’