Password & Username FAQ

At Southern Cross University the majority of systems use the same password. This password is commonly referred to as your SCU Password. Your Username is also common in the majority of systems, however, may be in a different format depending on what service you are logging into.  This article will answer some of the frequently asked questions

Please note: SCU will never ask for your username and password, be suspicious of anyone asking for your login details.

Q. What username do I use for what?

A. Your username comes in 3 forms

Short Username, Email address, and StudentID whilst some systems can accept any of these,  others need to use the right one for the system

Please see the detailed information here

Q. What services and systems use the SCU password?

A. The majority of systems use the same password, though the format of your username sometimes varies

Q. How to I find out my password?

A. If you aren't sure what your password is you can use the reset password function

If you have forgotten your SCU password, this information guide provide you with instructions on how to securely reset by following a few simple steps.

Before you reset your password

Please be aware that this will reset your password for most University systems.

 Click here for more information on which systems are affected

Technology Services have brought together the majority of systems used across Southern Cross University to share the same password, known as your SCU password. This article explains which system use the SCU password, and which don't.

Systems that DO use the SCU Password

  • Email
  • Computer Login
  • Blackboard (MySCU)
  • CareerHub
  • MyHR
  • Syllabus+
  • Wireless
Systems & ServicesType
Australian Access FederationWeb
Aurion (Core)Desktop
Blackboard (MySCU)Web, Mobile
Computer LoginDesktop
DRC WebWeb
EduroamDesktop, Mobile
EmailWeb, Desktop, Mobile
Finance 1Web
GIT (Bitbucket)Web
Library website and DatabasesWeb
MIS CognosWeb
Service DeskWeb
Staff IntranetWeb
Student SystemWeb
Study SiteWeb
Timetables (Syllabus+)Web
Syllabus+ ClassesWeb
Syllabus+ PublishWeb
Syllabus+ Resource bookerWeb
Talis AspireWeb
VPN (SCU Secure Access)Web, Desktop
VPN (ITTS)Web, Desktop
VPN (Staff)Web, Desktop
VPN (Contractor)Web, Desktop
WirelessDesktop, Mobile
Windows PC LoginDesktop
ZendeskWeb, Mobile
ZoomWeb, Desktop

Systems that DON'T use the SCU Password

  • Library
  • Qualtrics
  • Visual Outcomes
  • ePublications@SCU
  • Best Practice
  • Chemwatch
  • EventPro
  • Gallagher
  • Springshare
  • Suite
  • LIMS
  • Grammarly

Step 1: To reset your SCU password, use this Self-Service Password Reset portal.

Step 2: On the password reset screen enter your Student ID number, SCU Username or SCU email address.

Your registered personal email address will not work at the forgot password portal.

Step 3: For security purposes, you will need to confirm that you are not a robot by ticking the I'm not a robot tick box.

Step 4: Click Send Verification Code

Step 5: You will now be sent the verification code to your mobile phone and/or an Email to your personal email account that we have on record.

Once received, enter the verification code, along with your choice of new password, and once again confirming the new password.

If you receive an error message stating "You do not have any registered personal contacts details" then

 If you are a student

There is most likely a problem with your details recorded in MyEnrolment. 

If you can access MyEnrolment follow these instructions,

otherwise please contact the Service Desk

Submit an Online Request any time and we will reply as promptly as possible.

Lismore and Gold Coast Campuses

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (AEST)

During daylight savings: 8:00am - 6:00pm (AEDT)

Opening Hour Variations eg Public Holidays here

T:  02 6620 3698   (Internal Extension 73698)

Free Call: 1800 111 890 (ask for Service Desk)


In person at the Service Desk counter:

  • Currently closed until further notice

Coffs Harbour Campus

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Opening Hour Variations eg Public Holidays here

T:  02 6659 3080   (Internal Extension 83080)

Free Call: 1800 111 890 (ask for CHEC Service Desk)


In person at the Service Desk counter:

  • Monday to Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm + 1:00pm to 3:30pm (CLOSED: 12-1pm)
  • E.G.19 (under Library stairs)

 If you are a staff member

Your personal details, including a personal mobile number and/or personal email address aren't current in MyHR.

Please contact HR

Step 6: Finalise the password reset by clicking on the 'Reset my password' button. You will receive a message confirming that the password has successfully been reset.

You will also receive an email to your personal email address (if you have registered one) notifying you that the password has been reset.

Q. What is the difference between the Change Password portal and the Reset Password portal?

A. The reset portal is used if you forget your password. The change portal will be used if you know your password, but it's time to change it

This may be because:

  • A system says it’s time to change (eg: some systems require a new password every 3 months)
  • It is good security practice to regularly change your password.
  • Technology Services may identify a threat and users will be asked to change their password via the reset portal. Please note: SCU will never ask for your username and password, be suspicious of anyone asking for your login details.