Wireless Troubleshooting Tips

Follow are some troubleshooting tips to assist in connecting to the on-campus wireless network.

Depending upon your device and operating system version, the below steps may slightly vary, particularly with Android devices.

Q. I can't see any wireless networks?

A. Is your device on airplane mode, WiFi turned off/disabled

Depending upon your operating system, these options can be found under Settings & Network

WiFi - there is toggle/slide button

Airplane mode - is generally a plane icon that you activate/deactivate

Q. You have confirmed the correct username and password, but it's just not accepting it?


How To Confirm Details - It is critical that you test/verify your details (remember your usernames can vary, so check the how-to; SCU, TAFE & CHSC), test on the student or staff portal; SCU, TAFE & CHSC

What To Do Next;

Test - Other DevicesTest - Another Person's Details On Same Device

If your details don't work, it's possible your last password change didn't synchronize your password across all systems, so you'll need to reset your password.

Also, at times some passwords resets can take 5-10mins to update.


TAFE & CHSC - access your student or staff portal and click Forgot Password

If someone else's details work on your device, then reset your password. How To Reset Password;


TAFE & CHSC - access your student or staff portals and click Forgot Password

If the other person's details also don't work, then;

Option 1: Update your operating system - Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android

Option 2:

Forget Network

Windows 10

Apple Devices (iOS, MacOS)


Q. I've been connecting to WiFi successfully, but is now asking for my username and password again?



  • Reboot your computer to see if any updates have been downloaded/installed
  • Did you change any of your passwords recently?

Test your details on another system/device like the student or staff portals. SCU, TAFE & CHSC

If this doesn't work, then;

Forget Network

Windows 10

Apple Devices (iOS, MacOS)


Q. I've been connecting to WiFi successfully, and it just stopped working?



  • Is WiFi is still turned on?
  • Reboot your computer to see if any updates have been downloaded/installed. How To Update Operating System: Windows, Apple (MacOS, iOS) & Android
  • Did you change any of your passwords recently?

Q. I'm on a Mac laptop, and the Connect button is greyed out?

A. You need to forget the network and re-configure MacOS or iOS (Apple Devices)

Q. It won't let me enter the password, it just flashes and disappears?

Q. I can connect to WiFi, but I can't access any web pages?


For CHSC - you have an additional login http://detnsw.netConnect to Staff & Student Wireless (DETNSW)

For TAFE - you may have proxy settings to add, double check the setup guide 

All others - maybe you have some manual settings from another network you connect to, for example, manual IP/DNS/Proxy or VPN settings; these may need to be altered/removed

Q. All else fails?

A. Try resetting the network Windows, Mac OS, iOS (step 7) & Android

Q. Error Message: The connection attempt could not be completed


You are running an outdated, unsupported and insecure operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7. We recommend you upgrade, maybe visit a computer repair store.

Your device maybe able to connect to other wireless networks as they are insecure networks.

Q. What do I need to know if I have a laptop owned by the organisation?

  • It will automatically connect you with the correct settings and passwords

  • If you've changed your password - then you'll need to restart the computer with the LAN cable plugged-in/connected to the dock in your office. This will then automatically update settings and passwords

  • If you haven't plugged into the LAN network for a while (over 2 weeks), then you'll need to leave it connected for a number of hours (recommended to leave overnight) - for critical system & security updates and to maintain software licensing

  • If you can't access some corporate websites and systems when on WiFi, then you'll need to connect to VPN - SCU, TAFE

Q. I'm having problems connecting to eduroam?


The setup uses a different version of the username. SCU please see Getting started with eduroam guide.

If you are from a visiting organisation to our campuses you need to contact your Technology Services department your setup configuration and passwords are totally separate to ours. Please refer to https://www.eduroam.edu.au/eduroam-for-users/ 

Q. It keeps disconnecting from wireless every 5 seconds?

A. We've seen this with some models of phones e.g. Google Pixel Pro 7. If you turn off your mobile data while using WiFi it will maintain your connection. For Google Pixel see Google Help for how to turn off mobile data.

General Troubleshooting WiFi

Following are some other general wireless/WiFi troubleshooting tips:

Windows, MacOS, iOSAndroid