Printing Tips

The following are suggestions when printing on-campus


Following are highly recommended steps each time you print;

  1. Check the layout of your document via a Print Preview

  2. Download the document and open it in the native application, for example, PDF in Adobe Reader

    1. The following is how to download a file from a browser. It's generally a right-click on the link and click on Save link as

      Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

    2. Open in native application can use, right click in File Explorer/Finder and select open with, see following for more - Windows, Mac

  3. Before releasing each document at the printer/copier, CHECK the display window on the printer - colour or black & white, number of pages, duplex (double-sided) /simplex (single-sided)

  4. Printing a large document? - we recommend you only print the first few pages first to ensure everything is as expected, then print the remaining of the document

Printing Options

The printing is always set by default to black/white and double-sided. If you want colour or single-sided, follow the below steps;

From the File menu, select Print

Click on the Printer Properties link


For Single Sided
select 1-Sided Print

For Colour
     select the Image Options tab and un-tick Xerox Black & White

Click on the OK button

Click on the Print button

How do I print wirelessly on-campus from my personal computer?

For COLOUR PDF and PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), you must ONLY print them from the campus computers.

CTRL + P on the keyboard

When printing directly from a web browser, you need to always select the option Print using the system dialogue


Click on the Printer Preferences button

Click on the Paper/Output tab to make your selections

Click on the OK button

Click on the Print button

By default, unless you change the setting, it will print all the pages in the document.

So after you go File > Print, select Current Page or Pages ? to ?

For example, PDF or Word File

Other Information

I want to print, scan or copy...

If you require more assistance, please contact the Service Desk, including the In-Person Support