Using Zoom Q&A in meetings

The following article discusses the use of the Zoom Q&A tool in an online class.

Quick Meetings don't have Q&A functionality

Starting a Quick meeting (using the Orange New Meeting button in the Zoom Application) won’t provide you with the option for Q&A. You must schedule a Zoom meeting to enable the Q&A setting.

Starting the Q&A tool

  1. Start the Zoom meeting. 
  2. Open the Zoom “Security” Shield from the toolbar. Ensure the “Enable Q&A” is ticked.
  3. Click on the Q&A button to open the Q&A panel.

Customise the Q&A tool

  1. To move the Q&A panel from the right side of the window into a pop-up box, click the down-chevron arrow in the top-left corner of the panel and select “Pop Out”.

  2. To merge the pop-up box to the right of your window, click the settings cog in the top-right, and choose the last option, “Merge to Meeting Window”.
  3. Now you can click the settings cog to manage the Q&A during a meeting:

Change Zoom Q&A Settings

You can adjust and manage the behaviour of the Zoom Q&A tool to suit an online class.

  1. Click the settings cog to manage the Q&A.
  2. The following options apply to the Q&A tool


    Participants can submit questions

    Allow students to add new questionsenable
    Allow anonymous submissions

    You can still reply privately via Zoom, even if the question is anonymous.

    useful for sensitive topics

    Answered questions only

    Students can't see others' questions until they have been answered.limits the visibility of questions

    All questions 

    Students can very every question submitted.

    Participants can upvote

    Students will be able to click the “Thumbs up” button to upvote questions.  The host can sort questions by “Most upvotes” or “Most recent”.

    Participants can commentAllows students to answer or clarify other students' questionsenable

Using the Q&A tool

Students can submit questions, which will appear in the Q&A panel under the “Open” tab. Answer these questions live (verbally), or type an answer.

  1. Click “Answer Live”, and Zoom will show a message saying “You would like to answer this question live”. After speaking the answer, you can click “Done”.

  2. Click “Type answer” to type a response. Tick Send privately where necessary; otherwise, all attendees will see the question and the response. After providing the answer, you can click “Done”.

  3.  After responding to a question it is moved to the “Answered” tab. Click on this tab to provide further information. Click the blue “Type answer” button to add further details.

  4. To remove questions, hover over the question, then click on the three dots that appear to “Dismiss” or “Delete” the question.

    Removing QuestionsDescription
    DismissRemove questions that have already been answered or are duplicates. These are moved to the top-right corner tab “Dismissed”. Click “Reopen” to answer these.
    Delete Deleted questions cannot be recovered and are removed from the Q&A panel.

Watch the following video to see the Zoom Q&A tool in action.

Further Guidance

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