Zoom Q&A Reports

The following article provides guidance on using Zoom Q&A reports to manage questions asked in Zoom meetings.

Access to Reports

You will only have access to generate Q&A reports after your meeting has ended.  Zoom retains historical meeting data for one year back from the current date. Reports can only include a maximum duration of one month of meetings.

Zoom Q&A Reports include:

  • the number of questions,
  • the questions,
  • the asker’s name,
  • their email (if provided),
  • the answer given,
  • the timestamps for questions and responses, and
  • who provided the answers.

Accessing a Zoom Q&A report

  1. Generate a Zoom Q&A report using the following link: https://scuonline.zoom.us/account/report?isPersonal=true#/usageReports.
    You must sign in using your SCU credentials to access the reports.
  2. Under the “Usage Reports” menu, click the second option, “Meeting”, where you will be given a date-range search prompt. Enter the search options required to find the meeting.

  3. Select the drop-down menu on the right and change it to Q&A Report.
  4. Find the meeting you wish to generate a report for and  “Generate”. This will create an Excel .CSV file that can be opened in Excel to view the details.
  5. After the report has been generated, click to Download to access the CSV report, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

The following video explains the Q&A report in more detail.

Further Guidance

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)