Blackboard tests (quizzes) for summative assessment

The following article covers the use of Blackboard tests for quiz type assessments, which can be automatically graded.

What are Blackboard tests and what can they be used for?  

A Blackboard test is a tool in Blackboard that enables you to create quizzes – either multiple choice or combining a variety of question types including true/false, fill in the blanks, and matching. 

Blackboard tests can be used for any type of quiz, however, they work best for summative assessment because there is a greater degree of control over the test environment than other technology tools. When using Blackboard tests for formative assessments, be aware that these tests take more time to set up than alternatives such as H5P interactives

An example of a Blackboard test (quiz) start screen used for summative assessment

Advantages of Blackboard tests 

  • Reduce marking without compromising students’ learning as tests do not require manual grading.
  • Create a timed environment, questions pools and randomisation options that reduce the opportunity for students to cheat.
  • Automatically provide students with immediate feedback about their progress.
  • Can provide constructive feedback where this is configured by the Unit Assessor.
  • Provide a suitable low-stake assessment for students early in the term. 
  • Allow students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

Alternative quiz tools for formative assessment

H5P quizzes can be used as an alternative for formative assessment in self-access unit materials. During class tutorials and workshops, Zoom or Collaborate Polls can also be used for students to provide immediate feedback. 

Avoid quizzes for high stakes assessment

It is important to note that Blackboard tests should not normally be set as major summative tasks worth more than a combined 30% weighting (see SCU Assessment, Teaching and Learning Procedure (27)). Each Blackboard test that is conducted on a separate date or time is considered a single assessment task. For example, 3 weekly quizzes would represent 3 separate assessment tasks. Exceptions to these policy requirements require formal approval from the Associate Dean of Education of the faculty.

Support with Blackboard tests

The following support articles cover the process of developing Blackboard tests for assessment.

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