How do I login to MySCU (aka Blackboard)?

This guides provides you with instructions on how to log into MySCU

MySCU (sometimes referred to as 'Blackboard') is where you access your learning site.  Here you will find all of your unit information, including the study guide, lectures, online tutorials and assignment information. It is also usually where you submit your assignments.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser.  Please download from the website:

Step 1: Navigate to the website:

Step 2: Click on the button 'Current Students and Staff' 

Step 3: At the login portal page, enter your SCU username (eg. jsmith23) or your Student ID (eg. 22222222)

The password is the same as when you log into MyEnrolment or your SCU email account

Step 4: Once logged into the portal, click on the unit title to access your learning site

Some common problems you may experience when trying to log in are:

You can find your username by visiting this article: How do I find my SCU username and SCU email address?

You can reset your SCU password by visiting this article: How to reset your SCU password