Teams Calls FAQ

The following Frequently Asked Questions relate to the Project for the transition from the Huawei PBX to MS Teams Telephony:

Q. I don't have a dial pad when I click on Calls?


We will only be transferring currently used campus numbers. Any new numbers and access to MS Teams Calls will need to be requested via the Service Desk. How can I organise a phone extension?

If you thought you had a number please email the and provide that number. For example 026620xxxx, 026659xxxx or 075589xxxx

Q. Can I use Teams Calls my mobile phone or tablet

A. Yes
If you've been allocated a number and can use Teams calls from your computer then you can install the app on you mobile/tablet, see Teams - Mobile App

Q. How do I make selections (enter numbers) when on a call?


Making Selections via a Menu Option (Phone Tree)

If you have called a number that has menu options/selections for example Telstra and need to select 1 for X, 2 for XX etc

Step 1: Once you're on the call, another window pops up, you'll see a Dial Pad icon on the toolbar, click on that

Step 2: Click on the numbers you require (noting can be a micro-delay)

Q. What is the process for the change to implement Telephony in MS Teams?

  • An email will be sent to advise that the Telephony in MS Teams implementation has been successful.
  • For the majority of staff, the change will be seamless, except that you will now be able to receive external, as well as internal calls. If you have a direct dialing number, you will see a keypad on the MS Teams Calls tab and be able to make both internal and external calls.
  • For the limited number of staff that have been issued with a handset, you will need to unplug the Huawei handset and plug the new handset into the network. (Note: The handsets will be preconfigured and deployed to their locations in advance. The Huawei handsets will be collected from you at a later date.)
  • Technology Services will execute the handset swap for the phones in the common areas.

Q. Will I need to be on Campus for the change?

The change will occur in a virtual space and be seamless to the majority of users. For people working remotely, there is no need to bring your laptop to a campus site.

Q. What do I do, if my computer network cable is connected to my Huawei phone that is connected to the network port on the wall?

If your computer is connected to the network port on the wall, through a Huawei handset and you have not received a new handset, please leave the existing setup as is, as unplugging the handset will disconnect you from the SCU network. You should be able to use a headset plugged directly into your computer to make and receive telephone calls through MS Teams. Over the next month, a TS Staff member will visit each desk to remove the phone.

Q. What do I do with my existing Huawei handset?

If you have not received a new handset, please leave your existing Huawei handset on your desk, connected and a TS Staff member will collect it from you at a later date.

Q. Will every staff member automatically receive a number in Teams?

We will only be transferring currently used numbers. Any new numbers and access to MS Teams Calls will need to be requested via the Service Desk. How can I organise a phone extension?

Q. Will the landline numbers change?

All publicly published numbers will stay the same. Therefore, changes to telephone numbers appearing on letterhead, business cards, and other marketing resources will not be required

Q. Can I still dial the extension number when making an internal call?


There are a number of ways you can make an internal call:

  • Select the caller’s name from the phone directory
  • Dial the complete number if you know it
  • Type /call <name> in the MS Teams Search bar e.g. Type /call John Smith
  • Click on the Camera/Video or Phone button in a chat with the person

Note: You will now have to enter the 10-digit, full number to dial a colleague or, enter their name. Dialing 7xxx, 8xxx and 9xxx will no longer work.

Q. Do I need to dial 0 to get an outside line?

A. No
For making external calls you dial the number as it is, like you would normally do on your mobile or home phone. 0291234564 / 0407111111

Q. What happens to the voice mail greeting on my current phone?

As the Huawei PBX is being replaced, new Voicemail messages will need to be created in MS Teams (see also Call Answering Rules (including Call Groups, Voicemail, Ringtones, Accessibility, and Call Queues))

Q. What happens to the Call Forwarding on my phone?

The answer depends on your situation. If you have been working from home and had forwarded your number to your mobile phone (because there was no other way to handle calls) you will no longer need to do this when we switch to MS Teams Voice/Telephony, because you will be able to handle both internal and external calls using your headset.

For other situations, say for example you are on leave and want to forward your calls on an ad-hoc basis, you will need to configure this manually in MS Teams (see also Call forwarding).
Note: Technology Services will migrate existing Auto Attendants and Call Queues to MS Teams.

Q. Will my existing headset work with the new Telephony in Teams?

To ensure privacy, staff will require a headset to make and receive calls using the MS Teams Voice softphone. You can also use your computer's speakers and microphone if you prefer. Headsets that are currently being used with MS Teams can be retained as they will work with the new software. If a new headset is required, Work units will be responsible for their procurement through the Finance system. Please speak to the person in your Work unit who usually orders office equipment and stationery. (For recommended makes and models, see also MS Teams Headsets and Handsets).

Q. Will my existing handset work with the new Telephony in Teams?

As the Huawei PBX is being replaced, your existing handset will not work with the new Telephony in Teams. A limited number of physical pre-configured handsets will be provided (to common areas where there is no computer, and/or where there is a requirement for executives and their assistants). Otherwise, you can use a headset to make and receive calls using the MS Teams Voice softphone (see also MS Teams Headsets and Handsets).

Q. Auto Attendants (also known as Menu Driven Answering Service, IVR, Hunt groups or Phone loops)

  • Technology Services will migrate all Huawei PBX hosted services including (“Auto Attendants” and "Call Queues") to MS Teams Voice and will work closely with the owner to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Technology Services will conduct testing to ensure correctness and functionality.
  • The Project Manager will advise when the testing has been completed.
  • The Service owner will be required to sign/authorise the change.

Q. Who do I contact if my allocated phone number is incorrect?

The Project Vendor has been provided with a list of telephone numbers to port. If your number has been ported incorrectly, please submit a TS Service Desk request.

Q. Can I configure MS Teams so that the ring for an incoming call is heard on the headset, as well as on the computer speaker?


MS Teams has a feature called Secondary Ringer that allows the incoming phone signal to be heard on multiple devices (e.g. your headset and your computer speaker). This ensures that you can still hear an incoming call if you are not wearing your headset, or if the headset is not connected. By default, this option is set to None.

To configure this option:
1. Open the MS Teams Settings by clicking the three dots (on the Teams ribbon) and selecting Settings.

2. Click Devices.

3. Scroll down and click the Secondary ringer drop-down list.

4. Select your speaker from the list

Please be mindful about setting this option if you are located in an open/shared office space.

Q. How can I access the old voicemails on the Huawei system?


It's advised to do this by Friday 9th February, there will be a very short window (< 1 week) where you can access them.

If you still have a handset then you can access like you normally do.


Step 1: Dial one of the number following numbers (any will work we just provide 'local call' numbers from each campus area):

Coffs Harbour - 02 6659 3096

Lismore - 02 6620 3595

Gold Coast - 07 5589 3595

Step 2: When prompted enter your extension

Step 3: Press * to access your voice mail system

Step 4: Enter your voice mail password

Step 5: You will now have access to your voice mail

Q. If I download and install the Teams mobile app on my phone, will I be able to call an international number?

The ability for an SCU staff member to be able to call an international number requires senior management approval. If you have the ability to call an international number on the Huawei system, you will have the same ability to call an international number once we transition to MS Teams Calls.

Q. If I am on an MS Teams Call, and I receive an incoming call, can the second call automatically be sent to voicemail?

MS Teams Calls has a setting that can be configured for when you're in a call and receive another call. The setting is located on the Settings > Calls tab. The field is called "When you're in a call and receive another call". You can click the drop-down list and select from a number of options (one of which is directing the call to Voicemail).

Q. I received a call from +65 6914 0479 (External) is it legit?

This is a test call from the system as we migrated from Huawei to MS Teams. You can disregard it.