Teams - Mobile App

The following explains using Microsoft Teams on your mobile device (tablet or phone).

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Step 1: Download Teams from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the Teams app

Step 3: Enter your SCU email address e.g. 

Step 4: Enter your SCU password and tap Sign In

Step 5: Accept any prompts for permission you may receive, including for approve your sign-in request; you will either do this via the authentication method you have previously configured e.g. Microsoft Authenticator App. If you haven't setup a second authentication method; it will take you through a wizard to configure see Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA @ SCU!

Changing the Order of App Icons

On the bottom menu bar:

Step 1: Click on the three dots under More

Step 2: Tap Reorder

Step 3: Drag using hamburger (3 lines icon) to the top

Step 4: Tap Done

So you can customise what type of notifications you get on your phone.

More Information: Microsoft Support and Microsoft Troubleshooting 

Setting Up General Activity

Step 1: Profile icon > Notifications and make your selections

Setting Up Quiet Hours

Locate During quiet time in the Notifications area and choose the Quiet time hours. You can also choose specific days like weekends and if you go on vacations.

Also, another key one is: When active on other devices