How to Login to an SCU (Equitrac) Printer

There are two different methods for logging onto a campus printer.

Method 1:

Swiping your staff or student card.

All Equitrac printers are equipped with a card reader; they are usually quite visible and look like the ones to the side of many doors around campus.

If you get a “login failed” message you need to either:
• Apply for a new student card as per these instructions: How to get your student ID card
• Visit a Technology Services Service Desk as we can update your card manually

Method 2:

Login using the "keyboard" on the printer screen

Step 1: If the screen is blank, press the Energy Saver button

Step 2: Swipe your card past the card reader

Step 3: You will see a login fail error message. Press the log in / out button

Step 4: Using the printer keypad to type in the following:

For students type: student\username

eg. student\egreai12

If you are unsure what your username is, please refer to this article: How do I find my SCU username and SCU email address?

For staff please type: staff\username

eg. staff\gthomath

Step 5: Press Next to confirm your entry & move to the next screen

Step 6: Type in your SCU password

Step 7: You should now be logged in and see menu items.

Step 8: To finalize, swipe your card past the card reader and you should be automatically logged in.

If you get an error page, press Close and repeat from step 2.

You only have approximately 45 seconds to login.