Prerequisites For Zoom Webinars

The first step is to ensure you have the Webinar option enabled for your account.

This will require users to contact the Service Desk to enable.

Click here for Service Desk Opening Hours & Contacts

If you wish to host a Zoom webinar please insure these you have the sufficient prerequisites...

Download the latest Zoom Client: Download Center - Zoom

Zoom Desktop Client

  • Windows: 5.9.7 or higher

  • MacOS: 5.9.7 or higher

  • Linux: 5.9.7 or higher

Zoom Mobile App

  • Android: 5.9.7 or higher

  • iOS: 5.9.7 or higher

  • Pro, Business, Education, or API Partner plan

Zoom Webinar Best Practices Checklist

  • Ensure Zoom clients are up to date
  • Make sure to invite presenters as "Panelists" (see Zoom Webinar Roles)
  • If Panelists are attempting to use Zoom via personal PC, ensure they log into Zoom using their SCU credentials: (see Get started with Zoom)
  • Panelists / hosts will only be able to join the webinar using the Zoom client on a PC or Mac (mobile phone versions will not work)
  • Ensure Hosts and Panelists check their network prior to the meeting to ensure a strong wi-fi signal
  • If connected to the VPN, this may affect the call quality. Recommend disconnecting from the VPN if possible.