Get started with Zoom

SCU Zoom Web Portal

To access the SCU Zoom online web portal, click on this link:  and sign in with your Southern Cross University account user name and password.

This information provides instructions on how to download and install the latest Zoom client software on your computer

You can download the latest version for Windows here

You can download the latest version for MacOS here

Set-up process for both Windows and Mac:

Step 1: Once the installation procedure is completed, double-click the Zoom client to open it, then click on Sign In

Step 2: The following screen should then appear. Click on Sign In with SSO


Do not sign in using the Email/Password option

Step 3: Type scuonline as the company domain then select Continue

Step 4: Now enter your SCU username and passwordThese should be the same as you use to access MySCU or the SCU Intranet and then click on the Login button

Step 5: Once logged into Zoom, your Zoom client window will look similar to this