Enabling and using Pronouns in Zoom

To enable and set up Pronouns in Zoom, please follow these steps:

  • Sign into your online Zoom portal
  • From your Profile page, click on the Edit button to the right of your name
  • Scroll down to the Pronouns section and fill in the pronouns as desired, then select when to share them. Click on the Save button when done

  • When you add pronouns to your profile, they are visible to your Zoom contacts as part of your Zoom profile card in the Zoom desktop client and mobile app
  • You can also choose when or if your pronouns are shown during a meeting that you host or join, or webinar that you are the host or panelist for
  • Webinar attendees’ pronouns are never visible
  • You can unshare your pronouns during a meeting by right-clicking on your Zoom window and selecting Unshare My Pronouns

Note: You must update the Zoom desktop client to 5.7.0 to use the Pronouns feature.