How to log into the Blackboard mobile App

To log into the Blackboard mobile app, please use the following instructions. 

First, check that your device is compatible 


Step 1: From your mobile devices app store, search for "Blackboard Learn app

Step 2: Install and open the app on your mobile device

Step 3: At the login screen, enter the following credentials:

School Name: Southern Cross University

Username:  Your short username, not your student ID number.  

Password:  Same as when you log into your MyEnrolment or SCU email account.

If you are unsure on your short username, please refer to these instructions: How do I find my SCU username and SCU email address?

Step 4: Once you see three green ticks, click the log In button

If you see a red cross, you have entered the wrong credentials.

If you are unsure on your password, please reset with these instructions: How to reset your SCU password