How to log into the Blackboard mobile App

To log into the Blackboard mobile app, please use the following instructions. 

First, check that your device is compatible.  You will need one of these operating systems to run the Blackboard app.

  • iOS 11 or higher
  • Android 6 or higher

Step 1: From your mobile devices app store, search for "Blackboard" 

Step 2: Install and open the app on your mobile deivce

Step 3: At the login screen, enter the following credentials:

School Name: Southern Cross University

Username:  Your short username, not your student ID number.  

Password:  Same as when you log into your MyEnrolment or SCU email account.

If you are unsure on your short username, please refer to these instructions: How do I find my SCU username and SCU email address?

Step 4: Once you see three green ticks, click the log In button

If you see a red cross, you have entered the wrong credentials.

If you are unsure on your password, please reset with these instructions: How to reset your SCU password