How to submit a Voicethread assignment

Using Powerpoint

When uploaded, Powerpoint presentations are broken up into individual slides. Animations, embedded content, transitions and links are not preserved.

If you experience any formatting issues (strange fonts or layout), try converting the original presentation to a PDF, or export to a mp4 file.

Uploading an MP4 file

When submitting your video file to Blackboard for assessment, please note that large file sizes can take a while to upload. Uploading, especially on home Internet connections is generally much slower than downloading.  Check your internet upload speed from this link:

If you have trouble uploading your file from home, we advise you to use the University facilities as this will be much faster or compress the file using the free program Handbrake

Voicethread Quick Guides

How to submit a Voicethread Assignment

Step 1: Log into Blackboard and navigate to where your VoiceThread assignment is located.

Click on the Assignment link, and VoiceThread will open in a new browser tab.

Step 2: Read the individual assignment instructions which are available in the right-hand side menu, including

  • Any additional instructions.
  • List of required tasks which need to be completed. 
  • Due date.
  • How the assignment is being graded.
  • Submission status.

Step 3:  Click the Start Assignment button.

To add a Slide

Step 4: Use one of the available options to upload your file into VoiceThread.

If you have a pre-made Powerpoint Presentation or mp4 file, use Add from computer

Step 5: Once the file has finished processing, a thumbnail of your slide will appear.

As a required task is completed, this is ticked off in the right-hand menu.

If all the tasks are completed, and the Submit button has been activated, move to step 10 in this support article.

If you still need to record a comment as per this example, continue with the below steps.

Record a comment

Step 6: Click the Continue button to open your Slide.  Navigate to where you would like the comment to appear.

Step 7: Select the plus icon button (Comment) at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8: Select the type of Comment method you would like to use. 

The most commonly used comment is Audio with a microphone

Step 9: Once comments are added, this is listed on the left-hand side menu.

As a required task is completed, this is ticked off in the right-hand menu.

Step 10: The Submit button will be activated once all required tasks are completed.

Once you click Submit, a pop-up confirmation message will appear.

On the right-hand side menu, you will see the status has changed from "Not Yet Submitted" to "Submitted"

A Withdraw submission button will appear if you are allowed to resubmit and try again.