Signing into and Getting Started with My Mediasite


Ticking the check box for Remember me on this computer keeps you logged in regardless of whether you have left your computer for a while (i.e. you are not timed out of your session)

  • There are several areas for creating and managing content. On the left of the page is the folder window
  • Access to presentations can be found here. By default it only shows My Presentations (i.e. what you've created)
  • If you have access to Shared Folders and/or Channels, the presentations from any one of these options will appear on the right side of the page
  • You can also access the presentation from any Mediasite folders you have access permission to, including presentations delivered in lecture theatres. For assistance with access please contact the service desk

  • The right side of the page is the presentation management side. Along the top of the window are some settings to help you change the layout or to help filter the videos:
    • You can change the order that they appear by clicking the dropdown box below 'sort by:'
    • Most recent, Oldest, Title A-Z or Title Z-A.
  • The 'Source' is used to filter by where the recording was done
    • Mediasite Recorder are for any recording done in a teaching space
    • Mediasite Mosaic are for recordings done with Mediasite Mosaic (MacOS or Windows)
    • Media Uploads is for any recording that was uploaded directly into MyMediasite
    • External Video is any recording that is stored locally on your device.

  • Directly under the presentation recordings are several icons.  Hover your cursor over the icon for information:
    • The Eye which indicates how many views
    • The Clock which indicates duration
    • The film which opens a new tab Edit in the Web Editor - Mediasite Presentation
    • The Lock which changes the presentation from Viewable to Private