Locations and login for computer labs

Computer lab login

Lismore campus

The Lismore campus computing labs for PC users are located on the ground floor of Level 1 of R Block (R1.92, R1.93) and Level 2 of A Block (A2.41, A2.42).

Opening Hours

Depending on other bookings, eg: for classes or tutorials, the computing labs are generally available for student use during the following hours.

  • R1.92 and R1.93 are open 24 hours 7 days a week with swipe card access needed after 7pm. R1.92 has a Multi-Function Device (Print, copy, scan).
  • A2.41 and A2.42 are open between 7am and 7pm. A Multi-Function Device (Print, copy, scan) is available in the foyer outside the labs.
  • More student computers are available in The Learning Centre during Library opening hours; Plaza Common Room, C1.04 and Z Block Common Room.
  • TS Service Desk: located B Block, Level 2.
  • Find available lab computers: PC Finder.

Swipe card access - If your Student Card will not allow you into the R Block labs, call Security on 02 6620 3628 [Ext 73628 if you are on campus], or visit Security at the Gatehouse (located at the entrance of the University).

Coffs Harbour campus

  • General Access labs: A.G.6; A.G.7; A.G.8; A.G.10; A.1.6; A.1.10; A.1.12; A.1.14; A.1.24
  • Library labs: E.1.8; E.1.15; E.2.1
  • TS Coffs Harbour Service Desk: located E.G.19
  • Find available lab computers: PC Finder.

There are also computers available in E.G.19 where support is provided by the Technology Service Desk team.

Opening Hours

During Session:
Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5.00pm

Swipe Card Access:

  • Weekdays - 5pm to 11pm
  • Weekends - 8am to 5pm
  • Public Holidays - 8am to 5pm

The labs that are available during after-hours requiring a swipe card are A.G.6, A.G.7 and A.G.8.

Gold Coast campus

General Student Labs

  • Building A:A3.42; A4.23 - Multi-Function Devices (print, copy, scan) are located in both labs.

    A paystation is located in the Level 1 foyer near the Security Office.

  • Building B: B4.15; B4.24; B5.32 -Multi-Function Devices (print, copy, scan) are located in student lounge B4.15; B4.24 lab, B5.52 and the foyer of Level 10.

    A paystation is located next to the printers in B4.15 (student lounge area).

  • Building C C1.32; C2.23; C2.27 Library space; C3.19; C4.19; C5.19 - Multi-Function Devices are located in both Level 1 and 2 of the Learning Centre and in the foyer of Levels 3, 4 and 5.

    TS Service Desk is located in Building C in the Library desk.

Open 7 days - 24 hours

  • Library computer lab is open during library opening times during session.
  • Find available lab computers: PC Finder.

Swipe card access: If your Student Card will not allow you into the labs or into the building outside business hours, see the Reception staff on-campus or call Security on 02 6620 3628.