Create or modify shortcut files

Following is how to create or modify your desktop shortcuts using Windows 10.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Step 2: Browse to the location of the file or folder

Step 3: Right click on the file or folder, select Send to then Desktop (create shortcut)

Step 4: Go to your desktop, you'll now see your new shortcut


Step 1: Right click on the desktop or wherever the shortcut is to me made. Click New > Shortcut

Step 2: Type in the default W drive location of \\\stwkgrpsindex\ and click Next button

Optional Shortcut: If the department or another directory should be added as a shortcut this can be done by adding the department after the above default directory. This will create a shortcut that navigates to the folder path. 

For example,

Step 3: Name the shortcut and click Finish button

Step 1: Right click on the shortcut. Click on Properties

Step 2: Modify the target: field to the new location and press Apply and OK button