MFA@SCU and why you might be asked for more information when you try to access your work email...

SCU is introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to strengthen our defences against existing and anticipated future threats. Your Southern Cross University Microsoft account (plus some others, see below) may have been enrolled as part of the ongoing improvement to the University's cyber and information security practices, requiring you now to 'approve' a login. The additional information prompt on your screen is about setting this up properly for your access.

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication is using more than one method to authenticate to Microsoft O365 services, instead of just the username and password, you will now also have to approve the login via an MFA method.

It will include protection for the following critical applications; Office O365 & Apps (e.g. Outlook, Teams, and One drive), Zoom, Acendre, Riskware, Dropbox, FCM Hub, and Mimecast, Apple Mail.

Before Activation* 

The SCU MFA@SCU User Setup Guide will step you through the process of setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app (the easiest method!), plus other methods, please review this document to get setup and prepared for MFA@SCU, MFA @ SCU User Setup Guide (PDF)

The guide: Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA @ SCU!

Note: We have sent this information to your email account from the Service Desk for your convenience!

After Activation

You may be prompted for further authentication information after you have been activated for MFA. If this is the case. these steps from Microsoft help may be able to assist - Setting Up MFA & YouTube Video

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still got questions or problems please visit our FAQs