Multi-Factor Authentication - FAQ

General MFA Questions

Q. Why do I need MFA?

A. MFA adds an extra layer of protection to keep your data and SCU networks more secure. Even if a bad actor acquires your username and password, it will be harder to gain access to your account without the additional identity factors required as part of MFA.

Q. Can I opt out of MFA?

A. No, you cannot opt-out of MFA on your SCU account. MFA is required for all staff at SCU to help mitigate against credential theft. If you do not configure MFA, you will not be able to log into your Microsoft programs, including Outlook.

Q. How do I enrol into MFA?

A. You don't need to action anything other than following the instructions when you attempt to log into Email or another Office365 application or service after you have been enrolled in MFA. Enrolling simply means that your SCU Office365 account now requires a second method of authentication, you will need to use the authenticator app or another method to provide the second authentication level you will now need to access your account.

Q. Why don't I get asked to authenticate using MFA every day?

A. For each browser and/or computer the system will remember you and will only ask for MFA authentication periodically.

Q. How can I find out what devices MFA is set up on?

A. You can see all your active devices and MFA methods at this site

Q. Do I have to download the Authenticator app to use MFA?

A. Although you can authenticate through other methods, the Authenticator app is the preferred and most secure method for MFA.

It is also the easiest way and will make authenticating more seamless than other authentication methods. If it is not practical to use the authenticator app, the following options are available to use MFA:

• Receive an SMS to a register mobile phone
• Receive a call to a registered mobile phone
• Receive a call to a registered landline

You can also setup your landline phone on-campus and forward that to another mobile/landline number.

Q. How do I register a new phone or device for MFA?

A. New devices need to be registered for MFA before you can use them to log in. You can also have more than one device registered for MFA at the same time and use either to log in

Q. I have setup my mobile phone for MFA, can I use it for MFA even without a data plan or lost internet connectivity?

A. The Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device can generate a passcode even without an internet connection and you can use this passcode to complete the login process as normal.

Q. Does the app track or use my location?

A. No, the MFA app does not use or request your location

Q. I am traveling overseas, will the Authenticator app work?

A. The Authenticator App will work as long as you have wireless access.
If you do not have internet access you can still use the One-Time password code in the app.

Q. What if my question hasn’t been answered in these FAQs?

A. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered
please contact Service Desk