Marking assessment using Turnitin Feedback Studio

The following article covers the process of marking, grading and reviewing written assignment submissions using Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Overview of the Turnitin Process

Written student assignments submitted to Turnitin are accessed through the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio allows you to

  1. Check for Similarity
    Analyse text-matching to check for evidence of potential student academic integrity breaches.
  2. Give Meaningful Feedback
    Provide voice comments, QuickMarks and other feedback to students about their work.
  3. Standardise Grading
    Use Turnitin rubrics to provide valid and reliable grading of student assessments.

Feedback Studio App

Feedback Studio is available for iOS tablet devices. Why not give it a try if you have an iPad?

Accessing assignments in Turnitin

  1. Start by logging into the unit learning site from MySCU.
  2. Click on the Full Grade Centre site link, located at the bottom of the left site menu under the Site Management heading.

  3. Find the relevant assignment column. Student submissions ready for grading are denoted by the Needs Grading () icon.

  4. Select Grade User Activity.

    Open in new tab

    If you right-click on Grade User Activity and choose open link in a new tab this will save the frustration of navigating back to the Grade Centre later. Click on Grade User Activity again; you will be able to access the Assignment inbox and the Grade Centre in different tabs. 

  5. This will launch the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, where you can access student papers and open the Feedback Studio. You can also access analytics for your assignment here on submissions, similarity, and feedback.

    Alternate access to the assignment inbox

    You can also access the assignment inbox by selecting the Turnitin assignment link in the relevant Assessment Tasks and Submission folder, or by clicking on the Needs Grading site link and opening a student Turnitin assignment submission.

The video below walks through the process of finding student submissions and accessing the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Needs Grading Notifications

The Blackboard Grade Centre provides a 'needs grading' notification of submitted student work which will alert you to work students have submitted through a Turnitin assignment dropbox. This can be found under the Site Management > Needs Grading menu.

Checking if students have viewed their feedback

Within the Turnitin assignment portal, after you release the results you can see if students have viewed their feedback under the 'Viewed' section. The green eye indicates the Feedback Studio has been viewed by a student, the black eye with a line through it indicates the student has not accessed their feedback.

Removing a Student Submission

Even where Turnitin assignments are set to allow submissions after the due date, where a student has already submitted a draft assignment they are unable to make a later submission. In this case, the previous submission must be manually deleted before a student with special consideration can resubmit.

Use Draft Submissions

An alternative way to avoid having to delete assignments is to set up a separate Turnitin draft submission link, and have another submission link for the final assignment. For details on setting up draft assignments, see How to set up Turnitin assignments

  1.  Navigate to the Turnitin assignment inbox and find the student submission.
  2. Select theunder "Options", and then choose Remove From Inbox.
  3. Note, the submission will still be recorded within the Turnitin database for matching purposes. Selecting this option will produce the following warning:

  4. The student will now be able to resubmit their final work.

The Feedback Studio student experience

The following video summarises updates to the Turnitin student experience. It is recommended to share this video with your students to support them make the most of Turnitin feedback.

Turnitin submission receipts

Students will NOT receive automated submission receipts when submitting assessments to the new Turnitin interface. They can download their submission receipts from the Turnitin Assignment Dashboard (which they can navigate to by selecting the assignment link) on the right-hand side using the paper icon.

How do students resubmit?

Students can resubmit their assignment by selecting the up arrow next to their similarity score, if resubmissions have been enabled. However, they will be unable to resubmit if the due date has passed. In this case, their draft submission must be deleted by the Unit Assessor.

Overview of Feedback Studio

The following interactive provides an explanation of the tools and elements of the Turnitin interface. Click the hotspots to look at what each Feedback studio element means.

Further Resources

The following articles provide information on how to use specific elements of Feedback studio.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)