How do I book a meeting room

This article provides instructions on booking a meeting room, interview room, or vehicle using Outlook and Webmail.

Video Conference, teaching, or Mediasite capture spaces must be booked through Timetables:

Library spaces are booked using LibCal

Outlook Room Booking

Step 1: Open Outlook.  From the Home tab, click on New Item / Meeting

Step 2: Fill out the following fields:

To: Invite other participants

Subject:  Give your booking a meaningful subject

Date and time

Step 3: Select the Room button

Step 4: From this list, find the book or vehicle you would like to book

Double click to add, then select Ok

Step 5: The room will now appear on the form. Click the send button. 

 The invite will be sent out to the attendants with the room information included.

Webmail Room Booking

Step 1: Open Webmail, navigate to the New Mail dropdown box and select Event

Step 2: Add a title, select the right date for the booking and type in the specific room you want to book in the area shown below

(Note: Room Finder is currently in development and won't show anything if you search a room. For now, you will need to know the exact room/space you want to book)

Step 3: Once you've filled out the relevant information (including title, attendees, date and time, description and room) click Send.