How to view feedback within Turnitin

Viewing assessment feedback from within Turnitin

Step 1: Log into your Blackboard site, and from the left navigational menu select Grades and Feedback tab

Feedback can appear in several locations depending on how your assignment was graded.   Please check before contacting the Unit Assessor.

Step 2:  On the My Grades page, you may see a View rubric button and blue bubble next to your grade.

If there is no blue bubble on the My Grades page,  click on the bold assessment item name

Step 3: The Turnitin Assignment Dashboard will load. Click on your paper title.

Step 4: The Turnitin Feedback Studio will load in a new window.

You may see blue speech bubbles, a Turnitin rubric or text comments.  Expand the right menu bar for more options

Additional information on viewing your grades and feedback can be found on the Turnitin Website

Turnitin Feedback is visible once the Feedback Release Date has passed. If you can't see any text comments or blue speech bubbles, please contact your Unit Assessor