Getting started with PERCI

This article provides some helpful information for using the online learning management system PERCI

Getting started

To ensure you make a great start, we have a few items for you to download and view:

The SCU Online Student User Manual

The PERCI interactive walk-through

To access Perci, please ensure you are using the Chrome web browser;  Get it here: Download Chrome

How do I access Perci

Step 1: Log into and click on your unit

Always access Perci from your learning content page. Don't use a saved bookmark

Step 2: Depending on how your lecturer has set up the learning site, the Perci link is normally found under Unit Content.  If not, have a look around your site.

To launch Perci, click on the link called "Click here for PERCI"

Step 3:  Let the page load

Once the page has fully loaded, it will look like this

Need help

If your page is not displaying correctly, or you are receiving an error message please clear your browser cache with the following instructions: How do I clear my browser cache?

If clearing your cache doesn't resolve your issue, please collect the following information before contacting the Service Desk

  • Unit Code
  • What type of device and operating system you are using
  • What browser version are you using
  • What page is the error occurring on
  • A full page screenshot of the error message