Installing Mediasite Mosaic

Part 1 - Mediasite Mosaic is available to download and install via the Software Center

Step 1 

Open the Software Center application which is available on all SCU Windows computers

To do this search for "Software Center" from the windows start menu.

Step 2 

Tick the check box for Mediasite Mosaic then click the INSTALL SELECTED button in the bottom right

Step 3 

The Installation Status tab will open and the application will start installing. You will know that it is completed when the status changes to Installed

Step 4

You can confirm that Mediasite Mosaic is installed by searching it from the start menu

Part 2 - Activate Mediasite Mosaic

Step 1 

Go to your SCU email inbox and locate the email from titled "Mediasite account activation request" and click the activation link to activate your account

Not receive the email?

In the event you have not received the email, go to Download Capture App in MyMediasite and click the Register button - you will receive a notification window to say it registered successfully

Step 2
After clicking the link you will be requested to log in to Mediasite using Single Sign On (SSO). Once logged in, your Mediasite Mosaic application will be ready to use