Add a Mediasite Channel to your Blackboard site

Step 1: Log in to Blackboard and select your unit:

  • From the left navigation menu, select the location to place the Channel link e.g. Unit Content
  • Hover your cursor over the Build Content drop down menu and click on Add Mediasite Content
    • This will launch the Mediasite LTI

Step 2: From the resulting LTI window, select the Collection button

Step 3: In the Search field, type the name of the Mediasite Channel and press enter/return

Step 4: Click on the Add to ... drop down box and select the Link button

Step 5: A link to the Mediasite Channel has now been created in your units BB site.

To edit the Mediasite link, click on the drop down arrow besides the newly created link and select Edit

You can now edit the title and give the link a description

Click on the Submit button from the bottom right of the window

Step 6: Confirm the link now works by clicking on it - it should open the Mediasite Channel in a new tab in your browser