How do I clear cache in Google Chrome?

How to clear your browser cache when using Google Chrome

Step 1: 

Press Ctrl + H on your keyboard 


1 - Click on Settings at the top right of the screen (an icon with 3 dots),

2 - Select History

3- Then select History from the extended box options.


Step 2: From the History page, select Clear Browsing Data

Step 3: Select the Basic tab at the top of the window, then change the following settings

Time range has to be set to All time

  • Time Range: All time.
  • Select Browsing History
  • Select Cookies and other site data,
  • Select Cached images and files
  • Press Clear Browsing Data.

Step 4:  If you have not done this before, you may see a spinning wheel. Once the cache has been cleared, close all Google Chrome tabs for the effects to take place.

Step 5: Open Chrome and try again to access the page. If you are still experiencing a problem after clearing your browser cache, you may need to try an alternate browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox (