How do I open a shared calendar?

To open a shared calendar (a teamwork roster or an individual's calendar, for instance) that you have been given access to, you'll need to perform the following steps.

Note: Next time you open Microsoft Outlook it will show here automatically.

Step 1: Login to your email at

Step 2: Select the 'Calendar' tab bottom left corner of the page

Step 3: At the top of the screen, select 'Add Calendar' then From Directory

Step 4: Under 'From Directory' search for the name of the calendar, then select the correct search result, and select 'Open'

If the item is not listed, try selecting Search Directory


  • The amount of detail you see will depend on the access level you have been given to the calendar
  • If each item is simply appearing as 'Free/Busy' it may be that you do not yet have the correct permissions, in which case you will need to contact the Owner of the shared calendar to request access
  • If you have been given access;
    • Reviewer - you will be able to see all entries
    • Editor - you will be able to add/remove entries