Multiple Monitors

This article will explain connecting and using multiple monitor screens (display) with a computer.

Step 1: After connecting all the cables

Step 2: Power on the computer and monitors

Step 3: On the keyboard, hold down Windows + P

Step 4: A small window should open, then you select Extend

More Fixes


If your mouse doesn't move seamlessly across the multiple screens, you need to change the order: How to use multiple monitors in Windows (, under the "Rearrange your displays" heading.

Plugged Laptop Back into Dock & Blank Monitors

If you're using a laptop with a dock and after reconnecting the laptop and displays not coming up:

  1. Power Off/Shutdown the computer
  2. Un-plug power from the dock for 20 seconds
  3. Plug the power back into the dock
  4. Power On the laptop

Laptop Screen Lid Open/Closed

We've already modified the power settings for your laptop to have the laptop screen/lid open or closed.