Higher Degree Research Training (HDRT) Student Computer

Following are questions and answers for those students who are with Higher Degree Research Training (HDRT).

Q. Who is eligible for a computer (desktop or laptop) provided by Southern Cross University?

A. Technology Services will provide computers for the following Higher Degree Research Training (HDRT) students who are studying full-time:

  • PhD by Research (including staff members who are PhD students)
  • Professional Doctorate (Years 2 and 3 only)
  • Masters by Thesis

Please note: no optional accessories are provided for a laptop including an extra screen

Q. How do I organise a computer?

A. After you have received a confirmation of enrolment email from HDRT (hdrsupport@scu.edu.au), please contact the Service Desk or complete Request Computer (New or Replacement) form.

Please note: in the Approver's email address field you must enter hdrsupport@scu.edu.au

Q. What if I have external funding?

A. Full-time HDRT students who have external funding that requires acquittal can also be supplied with a non-standard (non-leased/purchased) computer as above, however a funds cost centre account code will be required to allocate this cost to the external funding

Q. What if you the computer I'm requesting isn't standard?

A. Requests for all non-standard computers/laptops must be made directly to servicedesk@scu.edu.au

Standard computer and laptop information

Q. If there is something not working with my computer what do I do?

A. Please contact the Service Desk

Q. Do I have to return the computer?

A. Yes, All HDRT students will be required to return the computer at the end of the completion of their course, or if their enrolment is cancelled

Q. What if I'm a Masters by coursework and Honours student?

A. You are to utilise computers in shared spaces such as postgrad rooms, computer labs and the campus libraries