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Mediasite is the multimedia software suite used by SCU for the recording of lectures in selected SCU locations as well as for the creation, editing and management of media-rich presentations by staff.

Recording of lectures in Mediasite-equipped locations is provided automatically when requested as part of the University's timetabling system. Casual room bookings also include an option to request a Mediasite lecture recording. Links to recordings made in this way can be added to your site within a content area using the Build Content menu.

Staff can use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, which is loaded onto all staff computers, to record activity or still images on their computer screens and add audio and/or video (via microphone and webcam). This allows for the creation of lectures, presentations and other multimedia content in advance and can be easily added to your unit's learning site.

Each staff member has access to My Mediasite, which is SCU's Mediasite portal, where Mediasite recordings (including automatically recorded lectures) can be viewed and edited using a user-friendly web-based interface. Video material recorded elsewhere can be uploaded and managed in the same way (subject to copyright). My Mediasite also provides a detailed breakdown of viewer activity, allowing you to determine the numbers of students that have viewed your recordings as well as which parts of the recordings were viewed.

Video materials captured using mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) can also be uploaded to My Mediasite where they can be edited and managed along with other Mediasite recordings.

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Microsoft Sway

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Sway is an interactive web-based canvas to easily express ideas. Create and share interactive presentations, reports, personal stories and more.

Go to the Technology Services Knowledge Base to learn more.

ReadSpeaker and TextAid

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ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool available to all SCU students and staff through MySCU Blackboard. ReadSpeaker appears as a widget in the lower left-hand corner of your screen when in MySCU Blackboard.

  1. Click on the widget and it will expand and automatically start reading the web page for you.  
  2. Select text on the page, and it produces a button next to your selection.  Click this to have your highlighted text read aloud. 
  3. Text on the screen is read with synchronised text highlighting and customisable colour highlighting, modifiable speed and volume, as well as the ability to download an mp3 file for offline listening. 

TextAid is a reading, writing and studying tool integrated into every learning site, workgroup and information site in Blackboard.  It is accessed via the Tools menu.

When you open TextAid and click New Text you will see an area that you can use to copy and paste text, compose text or open a document from your computer and have it read back to you. It will also let you download your selected text to an mp3 file to download and listen offline. 

TextAid features include:

  • spell check and word prediction
  • web lookup tool for a selected word or text in Wikipedia or by Google web search
  • a speaking calculator
  • a document reader that lets you view and listen to PowerPoint files, PDF documents, Word documents and epubs
  • personal library where you can save documents and access them from any device
  • OCR for text in scanned images (translates to text that can then be read back to you)
  • Web reader - a tool that enables the ReadSpeaker widget on any website.

Both ReadSpeaker and TextAid are 100% web-based and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.  All you need to do is log into mySCU Blackboard first!

Video conferencing

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SCU has videoconferencing facilities across the University's campuses, allowing for concurrent audio-visual connection between two or more locations. Videoconferencing that includes a Mediasite equipped location can be recorded. Equipment provided in each videoconference location includes two projectors and screens, a Windows PC (with standard SCU software applications installed), a DVD player and a document camera. The desktop of the Windows PC or the document camera can be displayed on one of the screens in each location.

The booking of videoconferences is made through SCU's timetabling team system or using a Microsoft Outlook meeting request.

Support, assistance and training in the use of the University's videoconferencing facilities are provided by Technology Services.

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Audacity is open-source audio recording and editing software that staff can use to create and edit audio recordings (podcasts) which can then be added to MySCU learning sites. Recordings created using Audacity can also be uploaded to the SCU My Mediasite portal where they can be edited and shared.

Audacity is part of the standard software installation profile on University staff computers. Audacity can also be downloaded for use on other computer systems from the Audacity website at no cost. In order to use Audacity you will require speakers and a microphone on your computer system (use of a headset is recommended).

Audio recordings created using Audacity can be added to a MySCU learning site by using the Build Content menu for a content item and then using the + button in the item's content editor.

For assistance with the use of Audacity, please visit the Audacity help pages.


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EndNote is software used by staff and students to manage references and bibliographies when writing essays and articles. EndNote support is available from by the SCU Library, which has a detailed library guide containing links to guides and webinars and other support information.

The Library conducts regular classes during teaching sessions in the introductory and advanced use of EndNote. Notifications of upcoming classes are sent by email to all staff and students.

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Qualtrics is a comprehensive survey tool that provides a broad range of surveying capabilities and reports. SCU has a University-wide licence for the use of Qualtrics by staff and students. Qualtrics is hosted externally to SCU and the vendor's support site offers a broad range of training guides, webinars and email support.

To login or create a Qualtrics account go to the SCU Qualtrics Control Panel.

Mobile apps

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Mobile@SCU is a free mobile application that provides SCU information and services to staff and students' smartphones and tablets.

Mobile@SCU provides access to University phone directories, campus maps, Library services, MySCU Blackboard and more.

Mobile@SCU is available for download for Apple mobile devices from the App Store and for Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a free mobile application that allows SCU staff and students to use their mobile devices to access MySCU unit content including announcements, discussion forums, grades, blogs and tasks.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is available for Apple mobile devices from the App Store, Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store and Blackberry devices from Blackberry World.

Note: The functionality of this mobile app is also available by using the Mobile@SCU app.