Videoconference facilities and equipment

A list of Lismore, Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast campuses videoconference facilities for both meetings and teaching.

The facilities are fitted with world leading Tandberg video conferencing equipment, large screen displays with the ability to send both the presenter's image and audio along with presentation material simultaneously.

Rooms and Seating Capacity

Lismore Meeting Rooms

  • B2.02 (Seats 20)

  • R1.06a (Seats 30)

  • R1.06b (Seats 4)

Coffs Harbour Meeting Room

  • A1.20 (Seats 10)

Gold Coast Meeting Room

  • B5.40 (Seats 20)

  • B6.25 (Seats 30)

  • C3.03 (Seat 10)

  • C3.04 (Seat 4)

  • C3.05 (Seat 4)

Lismore Teaching Rooms

  • B2.31 (Seats 220)

  • D1.05 (Seats 100)

  • H1.01 (Seats 258)

  • L1.11 (Seats 60)

  • R2.48 (Seats 80)

  • P1.58 (Seats 80)

  • P1.60 (Seats 40)

  • Y2.11 (Seats 60)

  • Z1.81b (Seats 60)

Coffs Harbour Teaching Rooms

  • A1.09 (Seats 45)

  • DTH150 (Seats 150)

  • DTH350 (Seats 350)

  • MLG13 (Seats 40)

National Marine Science Centre (NMSC)

  • A1.02 (Seats 80)

Gold Coast Teaching Rooms

  • A2.04 (Seats 60)

  • A2.14 (Seats 60)

  • A2.20 (seats 116)

  • B3.28 (Seats 60)

  • B3.29 (Seats 60)

  • Lecture Theatre (Combined 520)

    • C1.05 (Seats 260)

    • C1.06 (Seats 260)


The videoconference rooms are designed with a room AV control interface. This provides the user a way to change the settings of what is on screen and to adjust things like camera and sound.

Typically, the following pieces of equipment are installed in AV equipped videoconference rooms:

  • Two media projectors and screens - one for the image of the people and one for the image of the presentation (eg computer).

  • An in-house Windows PC with Microsoft Office and other standard SCU applications.

  • A DVD player (It must be remembered that video does not translate well over video conference and should be shown locally at all sites involved).

  • A Document Camera or Visualiser.

For more on an overview layout of video conference teaching space equipment, see Teaching via Video Conference.