Digital Design QA checklist: Blackboard modules

Proof reading

  • Text is free of errors, including typos, punctuation and grammatical errors, ambiguities and duplications
  • Modules are displaying and functioning correctly – check in student view to identify glitches
  • Bb styler used to create headings, paras, activities etc.


  • Headings levels are in logical order
  • Sentence case used for all headings below unit and module title level
  • Numbered headings (if used) are in correct sequence


  • Minimal bold and itals used for emphasis
  • No underlined or coloured text
  • Block quote style used as required and source formatting is consistent


  • Working
  • Consistently formatted in all modules
  • Linked text is descriptive so the link destination makes sense out of context


  • Consistent styling for all tables
  • Minimal punctuation: sentence case; no dashes at start of sentence; no fullstops
  • Table width: adjust columns and overall table width for neat appearance, readability and to reduce scrolling
  • Table caption included; table number (if included) is in sequence


  • Lists with lead-in sentence, lower case with fullstop at end of last row
  • No semi-colons or commas at end of rows unless writer has consistently used this
  • Stand-alone list is sentence case

H5P activities

  • Solutions provided for all H5Ps questions
  • Non-randomised answers (e.g. “all of the above’) displaying correctly


  • Image display is clear and images are correctly sized
  • There is sufficient colour contrast between text and background colour
  • Colour alone is not used to convey important information
  • Alternative text descriptions are provided for images that contain important information
  • Captions used for all non-decorative images
  • Sources included with consistent styling
  • Caption numbers (if used) are in correct sequence
  • Captions are in sentence case

Reference list

  • Consistent referencing style applied; follow writer’s chosen style
  • Book and journal titles are in itals
  • Reference list styling is consistent in all modules