When you are developing your site and resources you need to be mindful of copyright.

It is important when working online with copyright materials that Southern Cross University's statutory educational licence and obligations under the Copyright Act 1968 are complied with. Access to electronic copyright material provided under the Act must be:

  • for educational purposes only
  • accessible only to SCU staff and students
  • managed through myReadings.

The University's Copyright Office provides copyright advice and assistance.

Learning sites

Copyright compliance is an essential consideration when developing learning site content. Material found on the internet is often subject to copyright. Unless explicit permission is granted, teaching staff must provide links to such material or use the myReadings service rather than copying and pasting into learning sites.

Where images are required to be included in your content, public domain sources should be used. If you wish to use copyrighted images in your learning site, then registration of those images using the myReadings service is essential.

Learn more from SCU's Copyright guide for staff or use the below tutorial to determine how you can use your chosen image.


Copyright compliance regarding electronic unit readings is managed using SCU's myReadings service. Teaching staff must submit the table of contents for their unit's readings list for each term before the end of Week 4 of the previous teaching term.

The myReadings service manages the registration of electronic materials in the list, ensures that the University's statutory obligations and database licence conditions are met, and makes the materials available in the unit's learning site under the myReadings menu item.

myReadings staff should be notified of materials where explicit and separate approval for use has been obtained. While such material is outside statutory licensing rules, details are required for record-keeping purposes.

Visit SCU's myReadings site for more information.

Contact the myReadings support team for assistance with the myReadings service.

Lecture recordings

It is your responsibility to ensure that no unauthorised material is included in the recording of your lecture. While some material will be covered by the University's statutory licence, it is unlikely that commercially produced DVDs will be.

See the Recording lectures page from SCU's Copyright policy to guide you on the inclusion of:

  • DVDs
  • TV, podcasts of TV shows or radio
  • literary works
  • images and diagrams.

Contact SCU's Copyright Office for support and assistance with copyright issues.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)