Considering generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in assessment design

Current assessment tasks should be analysed, with consideration to GenAI, for potential risks to academic integrity and rigour. If risks are identified, the assessment will need to be redesigned in a way that mitigates the risk. This does not imply that the University is against the use of GenAI tools. On the contrary, the incorporation of responsible and ethical GenAI use in assessments is encouraged, where relevant. The stage of the unit development and delivery cycle will determine the extent to which the assessment can be modified or completely redesigned. All assessment tasks will need to include a reasoned statement for students, ideally in each assessment brief, around acceptable use of GenAI and any limits on use of GenAI or prohibited use of GenAI based on consideration of the Assessment Teaching and Learning Procedures [15].

The Assessment Adaptation Model - GenAI (AAM-GenAI)

This model steps through the assessment cycle, providing practice recommendations around GenAI within the context of SCU requirements.  Where you start will depend on the amount of time you have prior to the unit being delivered.

Shorter time frame - insufficient time for major redesign of assessment

If time does not permit major assessment redesign (UCMS changes cannot be made), assessment tasks still need to be analysed for vulnerability to GenAI. If the use of GenAI fundamentally poses an unacceptable risk to students achieving academic standards (i.e. the knowledge and skills as indicated by the ULOs) and /or to academic integrity, actions must be taken to mitigate this risk. This can be done by prohibiting the use of GenAI, or setting limits to GenAI use within the assessment task, and modifying the assessment task requirements, where possible.

Longer time frame - sufficient time for major redesign of assessment

If you are within the UCMS change timelines and have the capacity to change assessment type or modify ULOs, then the assessment can be redesigned for the purpose of GenAI resilience with a long lead-in time. You also have the opportunity to consider how the industry/profession within the discipline may be incorporating GenAI use into the workplace and potentially use this to model an authentic assessment that defines the acceptable use of GenAI. 

Watch this video for an introduction to using the Assessment Adaptation Model - GenAI.

Click on the Assessment Adaptation Model - GenAI based on where you are at in the unit design development cycle for tips on how to consider GenAI in assessment design.