Understanding My Grades (student view)

My Grades

Students monitor their progress through the assessment tasks in a unit by using the Grades and Feedback link that appears in the student’s learning site menu in the ASSESSMENT content area. This link displays the student’s My Grades page, which lists all assessment items and their status.

A student can quickly see which tasks are outstanding along with their due dates, which have been submitted and are awaiting marking (showing the Needs Grading icon), and which have been marked (showing the result in its primary display format as you have specified in the Grade Centre). A running total may also be included. Students are able to click on links to each available assignment so that they can view associated feedback and rubrics (if using Blackboard rubrics). 

Customising My Grades

The appearance of a Grade Centre column in students’ My Grades page is controllable by editing the column information in the Grade Centre. It is a good idea to ensure you are able to show/hide grades to students. You can always check on what students see by clicking on the Go To Student View button located at the top right of the learning site.

The video below shows the features of My Grades and how to customise these in more detail.

Releasing student grades

Grade visibility can be toggled on/off from within the Grade Centre, or on the content item. If a column is not visible to students, there will be a grey circle with a red line through it to indicate this. This setting can be toggled using the option "Hide from students (on/off)" in the Grade Centre, or on the Content item.

Within the Grade Centre:

On the Content item:

When Editing an Assignment, there is a field "Visible to Students" near the Points Possible field.

This is the same as the Show/Hide to students on the Grade Centre column and directly toggles that setting ie Yes = Grades visible to students; No = Grades not visible to Students.

Changing this directly changes the setting also accessible via the Grade Centre of Show/Hide to students.

This does NOT control the visibility of the content item/link to students.


We acknowledge this is potentially easily confused as relating to the content visibility and are working to address the wording &/or layout to make it less so.

Control of content visibility to students is this item further down the page.

When releasing grades to students, it's important to make sure that the student feedback is also available. The video below covers releasing grades and feedback within the Grade Centre and Turnitin:

Displaying SCU grade codes to students

By default, the columns in the Grade Centre store and display numerical a result (points) for each assessment event. This numerical result is presented to the student when they view their results on their My Grades page, and when they open their marked work to view more detailed feedback. This column information can be adjusted so that a primary display format displays in both the Grade Centre and in My Grades, and a secondary display format only appears in the Grade Centre. These display formats include Score (the default), Percentage, Incomplete/Complete (for tasks where a Satisfied Requirements result is appropriate), SCU Letter Grade and SCU Letter Grade with plus/minus.

Display letter grades to students

Setting the primary display for an assessment task to SCU Letter Grade and secondary display to Score, allows the student to only see their SCU grade, and the numerical result to be stored in the Grade Centre.

Change the grade display format

  1. Open the Full Grade Centre.
  2. Locate the grade centre column that you wish to change and click on the downwards chevron arrow to the right of the column heading.
  3. Select Edit Column Information, which will open the Edit Column page.


  4. Change Primary Display to SCU Letter Grade (optional with Plus/minus) and set  Secondary Display to Score.

  5. Click Submit to apply the changes.

Blackboard Support for grade Centre

Access more information about grading from Blackboard: Grading

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)