Group assignments

Creating Blackboard groups

Should I make groups visible?

Group visibility is important so students can see the members of their group, as well as have access to group tools and tasks.

Smart views

You can automatically set up smart views for your groups, which will streamline group monitoring and assessment grading. For more on smart views, see our article on setting up your Grade Centre.

Making a group Blackboard assignment

All students will be able to see the group assessment submission portal, but only a single student should submit through this portal on behalf of the group. If you would like each student to submit individually (and therefore be graded individually), you should choose Individual Submission instead of Group Submission.

When a student submits an assessment using a group submission portal, they will also receive a warning that they are submitting on the behalf of the group:

There needs to be a submission!

To grade a group assignment with a Blackboard rubric, there needs to be a piece of work submitted. For example, for a group presentation, you could have the group submit their presentation slides. If there is no submission, you will not be able to access the rubric for grading. Whereas for individual submissions you can set up Grade Centre columns that don't require submissions (which is ideal for presentations), you cannot set up group columns in Grade Centre.

Grading group assessment

Grading and feedback

When marking a group assessment, the grades and feedback for that assessment piece will be available to all students. You can overwrite an individual student's grades, but cannot provide individual feedback using this portal.

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