Software Conferencing & Collaboration Tools In Lecture Theatre Spaces

Some teaching spaces are enabled for self service use of software based digital conferencing, collaboration and video streaming applications 

using the presenter/teaching PC. (Zoom, MS Teams, Collaborate).

These rooms are equipped with Cameras and Microphones that are connected to the presenter/teaching PC for use with common software collaboration applications.

This allows familiar desktop workflow with collaboration platforms in the teaching space.

Step 1: Locate the rooms AV control Touch Panel and Select Camera Controls button. 

Step 2: Select the the camera you would like to use (most rooms have a choice of 'Lectern' facing camera and 'Audience' Facing Camera

Step 3: Move the camera using the provided button controls

Step 4: Zoom the camera in/out using the provided button controls

        Use Microphone Mute/Unmute  via the software application mute controls within the relevant application you are using (Zoom , Teams, Collaborate etc).

Microphone mute/unmute and volume controls located on the AV touch panel only Control what you hear in the room only.

Recording in Software Applications (Zoom / Teams / Collaborate)

       Please move all locally stored recordings to personal removable storage (USB Drives) or organisational cloud storage. 

       These computers maybe re-imaged (formatted) at any time. Local storage of content is not guaranteed.

Ensure Correct Video Camera & Microphone Device are selected within the software application being utilised.

  • Microphone device to use:  "Analog (USB Capture AIO Analog)"
  • Camera Device to use:  "USB Capture AIO"

Example - Zoom

 Microphone Device : "Analog USB Capture AIO Analog"

Camera Device : "USB Capture AIO"