Av Hints @ CHEC

Following is some information about using the AV resources at CHEC.

The Coffs Harbour Education Campus has a range of AV facilities in rooms from projectors, IWB to video conferencing. It's highly recommended that you check the room facilities before teaching/presenting.



Microsoft Teams & Zoom is now available on House PCs in CHEC lecture theatres: A109, DTH150, DTH350 & MLG13 (For organisations that have access/accounts)

Cameras and Microphones are provided

See 'Lecture Theatres' section below for information 

You generally have a couple of options with how the computer is connected. If the room has a HousePC already connected, it's highly recommended to use this.


The display cable should already be connected to the wall. The rooms at CHEC have either VGA or HDMI connections.

VGA connector - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If your laptop doesn’t have one of these you’ll need a converter. Some are available for loan from the Student Learning Centre (E.G.19) or you can purchase from various shops e.g. Good Guys, Officeworks, JB HiFi or Harvey Norman.

CHSC Staff - there are some adapters/dongles available from CHSC Administration (A.G.23) for your CHSC owned laptops

Internet/Network Access

WiFi Only

Recommended Connection Steps

Step 1: Connect all cables

Step 2: Turn projector on

Step 3: Select Input

Step 4: Turn laptop on


If the room you’re teaching in has a computer already, login to the computer, the 1st login is;


The software available is the same as the CHEC Labs - Available Software List

Step 1: Press ON button to turn projector on

Step 2: Once the projector has powered on fully (green light on projector is steady) or button stop flashing,  select required SOURCE button


VGA connector - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Press the button labelled 'PC', 'Laptop', 'VGA' or 'Source'

Press the button labelled 'HDMI' or 'Source'

CLASSROOMS – Connect Laptop to VGA/HDMI cable located on adjacent wall plate. If you are using VGA you will also need to connect the audio cable to the laptop headphone socket

COMPUTER LABS – no connection required as the teacher’s PC is already connected

Step 1: Tap the touch screen to wake it up

Step 2: Tap the TURN ON button

Step 3: Tap the PROJECTOR button

Step 4: Select your input eg HousePC

Step 5: Turn on the computer

Can also be referred to as "smartboards"


The power, input source and volume controls are operated via physical buttons positioned on the front-bottom-right of the display.


 Version 1 Control Panel                                                                            Version 2 Control Panel (Power Button opposite end to Version1)


The following cabling interface is supplied via AV wall panel outlets

  • HDMI
  • VGA with audio
  • USB (for touch)

Pen is also supplied however if it's missing please contact the Service Desk

How To Connect

Step 1: Connect your laptop using the cables provided

Step 2: Press the ON button

Step 3: Select your input eg HDMI or VGA etc using the INPUT button

Step 4: Turn on the computer

Solution 1:

Windows Key + P, then select Duplicate

8 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Solution 2:

If it is just a blue screen check that it is switched to the correct input source using the wall controller

Solution 3:

  1. Right mouse click on the desktop
  2. Select screen resolution
  3. Adjust screen resolution to 1024 x 768 or 1366 x 768
  4. Click on the Apply, the OK button

Solution 4:

If you’re running a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, turn Presenter View off

End Slide Show, go to the Slide Show tab and un-tick Use Presenter View, the Start Slide Show From Beginning

Solution 1:

Check volume level or that it isn't muted

  • Computer
  • Application/Web Video
  • Physical - volume switches on wall controller, speaker, IWB or console

Solution 2:

Check the cable is firmly connected

  • HDMI - will do both video & audio
  • VGA - you'll also need a 3.5mm audio cable

Check to see if the power button (looks like a light switch) near the cable inputs on the wall is off.

Otherwise please call Service Desk, under no circumstances attempt to alter any of the setup.


In A109, DTH150, DTH350, MLG13 & OTH96, the controls for this space are via this console (Touch Panel);

Recommendation - use the HousePC, add your media (DVD/CD/USB) to this computer

How To Display Content on Projectors

Step 1: Select Input (HousePC, VGA, HDMI, Visualiser)

Step 2: Select Projector (s) desired to show Selected source 

Step 3: Project Buttons will illuminate green to indicate they are displaying the selected source on the preview area

Step 4: Login To HousePC

Step 5: Unmute Program Volume using the volume controls on the console (Touch Panel)

Camera Controls

Step 1: Select desired camera 

Step 2: Move the camera using the provided button controls

Step 3: Zoom the camera in/out using the provided button controls

Microphone Mute/Unmute - Room 

Microphone mute/unmute and volume controls located on the console touch panel

Control what you hear in the room only - It does not affect what far end Video Conferencing participants hear

Missing Controls

The centre wallpaper/background is very similar to the HousePC, touch the centre of the screen

Microsoft Teams & Zoom is now available on House PCs in CHEC lecture theatres: A109, DTH150, DTH350 & MLG13 (ONLY)

Zoom & Teams desktop app has been installed on the House PC.


Refer to your organisations instructions on Zoom/Teams account access and features available to you:


TAFE STAFF: Search TAFE Knowledge Base or Technology For Learning Site


Extra Prompts:

  • MS Teams - will ask you to allow a change to the firewall - click the Cancel button
  • SCU Zoom - sign-in with your SCU email address (you'd normally do SSO on your office computers )

Software Recordings

Please move all locally recorded media to personal removable storage (USB Drives) or organisational cloud storage. 

These computers maybe re-imaged (formatted) at any time. Local storage of content is not guaranteed.

Microphone Mute/Unmute

Control of Microphone Mute/Unmute for software based Video Conferencing (Teams / Zoom etc) is via the software application controls mic mute controls within the relevant software application.

Printable Copy

A copy is located in the drawer of the lectern in the theatres 

CHEC Theatre Operation

CHEC DTH350 Theatre Operation - extra information just for this room (lighting and combining DTH150)

Room A1.20 is a bookable meeting space facilitating software based Video Conferencing applications (Zoom, Ms Teams etc).

Contact CHEC campus room bookings to make a booking CHEC Facilities System, chec.roombook@tafensw.edu.au or 0266593093

Meeting Space A1.20 requires you to bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

AV Facilities:

  • USB PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Camera
  • USB Table Microphones
  • 2 x 65" Displays
  • Phone
  • USB-C Connection - Single Cable connection for BYOD devices. Provides connection to 2 x Displays, USB Camera, Microphones and Audio.

Getting Started – Using your Own Laptop or Device.

  1. Plug in the provided USB-C cable into your Laptop.


         This single cable provides connection to the displays, camera, microphone and speaker.


    2. Turn on your device and sign in.

        The displays will automatically turn on (usually after you have signed in).

        The displays will automatically turn off 5 minutes after you remove the cable or shut down your device.

     3. Adjust your screen layouts as required:

        Hold down the the “Windows” key and the “P” key on your keyboard to select ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Extend’ to adjust display layouts. 


USB Audio & Camera Devices to select on your device

Ensure the following audio and camera devices are selected in your preferred collaboration / video conference software application (MS Teams / Zoom etc):

  1. Camera:         ‘Logi Group Cam’
  2. Microphone: ‘Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logi Group Speakerphone)’
  3. Speaker:        ‘Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logi Group Speakerphone)’

Camera & Microphone Operation.


  1. The camera can be repositioned (Pan/Tilt) and zoomed in/out using the remote control or the controls on the speakerphone unit located on the meeting room table.



  1. Move the Camera (Pan/Tilt) using the <  > ^  ˅ buttons
  2. Zoom in/out using the + and – buttons
  3. Recall Camera pre-set positions using the numerical 1-6 buttons.
  4. Mute/Unmute the microphones during a call using the microphone buttons.
  5. Volume can be adjusted using the speaker buttons.

Trouble Shooting.

Issue: Displays do not turn on / no image on displays

FIX: Some laptops/devices including Apple Devices may need to install the following ‘Displaylink’ drivers to utilise the room technology: https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/downloads.


Issue: Camera not displaying within application, far end cannot hear or be heard.

FIX: Within the application select the correct USB audio and camera devices as stated here


Issue: Both displays display the same content.

FIX: Hold down the “Windows” key and the “P” key on your keyboard to select ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Extend’ to adjust display layouts.                      

Q. How do I play a DVD?

A. You need to play it via a computer.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Step 2: Right click on the DVD drive

Step 3: Select Play with VLC Media Player

If you don't have a CD/DVD player in your computer you can borrow an external player from the Student Learning Centre (E.G.19).

Q. What is different about a Interactive White Board (IWB)?

Can be used either just like a projector or if you want to use the interactive component then you need to plug the USB cable in.

Require AV Support?

Some rooms have a phone to contact the service desk for assistance, if not please contact the CHEC Service Desk

If you are planning an event that requires AV support please contact the CHEC Service Desk