What happens now

The Ethics Manager reviews your application to ensure all required documentation has been provided. If further details are required, you will receive an email request from the Ethics Manager, specifying the additional requirements. The process for how to provide additional information and resubmit the application are outlined here (link pending) resubmit when additional information is required.

Completed applications are assigned to the appropriate meeting for approval by the HREC chair or committee, as applicable. All researchers named on the application will receive an auto-generated email notification advising the meeting date.

After review by the HREC chair or committee, all researchers named on the application will be notified by email of the review outcome, together with any special conditions of approval requiring the Chief Investigator’s attention. If applicable, details of response required and due date will be described in this notification.

Resubmit (when additional information is required)

  • If additional details or documents are required before an application can be reviewed by the HREC Chair or committee, the Chief Investigator will receive an email from the Ethics Manager with details of requirements.
  • After addressing these requirements, the Chief Investigator resubmits the application coversheet as per directions at Submit application to the Ethics Office.
  • If the resubmit includes edits to a document previously submitted, please:
    • Leave the original document from the Documents tab (do not delete)
    • Upload your edited document, but use the following convention so that the updated document can be easily identified:
      • Original: Consent form
      • Updated: Consent form v2 or v3 etc