Submit Application to the Ethics Office

This is a two-step process: submit and approve

When the coversheet and questionnaire (if applicable) have been completed, and all required documents have been uploaded to the Documents tab:

  1. Click on the Submit button on the Coversheet tab.
  2. Then you need to Approve (sign off) the coversheet as described below

After a coversheet has been submitted, the Chief Investigator will receive an auto-generated email advising that the application has been submitted to the Ethics Office and now requires signoff by the Chief Investigator.

To sign off on an application:

  1. Log in to IRMA.
  2. Click on the ‘My approvals’ tab.

All coversheets awaiting your approval will be displayed (see video below).

  1. Click on the edit button  for the applicable coversheet.
  2. Review the information provided in the Coversheet, Questionnaire and Documents tabs.
  3. To sign off on the application, click on the Approve button, or, to reject an application, click on the Reject button and provide a reason in the space provided. 

For student projects, the supervisor must be entered as Principal Supervisor and will approve first. The Ethics Manager will then notify the student via email that the application is ready for their approval.  The Student then follows the same steps as per the ‘To sign off on an application’ instructions above.

Print a copy of your coversheet

  1. In the Human Ethics tab, select View forms to list all Coversheets. 
  2. Select the submitted coversheet from the shown selection, using the pencil icon .
  3. To save a copy of your coversheet as an MS word file, click on the Print Form button from the Coversheet tab.
  4. Select 'Coversheet extract' from the templates available by clicking on the view button  for the template.
  5. Then follow the prompts to open and print or save your file.