How to start a new application

  1. Login to IRMA
  2. Click on Human Ethics tab
  3. Click on the Create button (NB. Please see Who has access to my coversheet if someone drafts your application for you)
  4. Select the relevant coversheet type from the dropdown menu
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. Enter the required information in the coversheet (NB. Information can be saved and returned to for further editing at a later date)

NB. If you are undertaking moderate-high risk research, you will still need to complete an online HREA as per current process.  Then follow the procedure as outlined below.

For further information on what is low or high risk research refer to

How do I access my existing projects?

  • Change 'View forms' to 'View project file'.
    • View Forms: allows you to find draft or un-submitted coversheets
    • View Project File: allows you to view approved protocols
  • Select the relevant Protocol from the list and access via the pencil icon (edit record) .

Who has access to my coversheet:

  • Whoever creates the coversheet (whether they are then named as an investigator or not) will have edit access to the coversheet until it is either submitted to Ethics Office, or approved and turned into a protocol.
  • That same creator (for example, if you have an admin assistant who drafts the coversheet for you) will then also have read only access to the protocol.
  • Unless that person is a named investigator on the protocol, they will not be able to create a Change of Protocol or draft a report for the protocol.

Tips below on naming conventions for Protocol title field.

7. Add Protocol Title (NB This is the title of the project). Use the following title convention:

  • Use sentence case for titles (only capitalise the first letter of the first word in the heading)
  • If the title has a sub-title, use the following convention: Research project title: project subtitle
    • Please avoid using the following characters:
      • ?, !, &, %, “, ‘, (), -, /, ©, &, α, β, δ  
      • Letters from other languages

8. Add start date (DD/MM/YYYY). Note: Estimated commencement date (must be after ethics approval is received, allow a minimum of 10 days).

9. Add end date (DD/MM/YYYY). Note: Expected duration of the project (months) and/or completion date.