How to access Human Ethics

Why is there a new system?

Human Ethics records are currently managed in an Access database. This database is outdated and Access is not a system supported by Technology Services. IRMA is the research management system used by Southern Cross University to manage research activities and outputs, and Human Ethics will now be managed through IRMA.

Can I still use the pdf forms?

No. All applications must now be made via IRMA which is an online system.

How to login (uses SCU single sign on)

  • We recommend that you open the IRMA system in one browser tab, then have this manual opened in another, and tab between them.
  • You may notice that the banner colours on some of our videos are a different colour than what's on your live screen (blue/green/brown) - that's just because we created the videos in various environments (live site, test site, etc)

Definitions of common terms:

Protocol: an approved ethics project

Coversheet: an online ethics application form, or an online form to modify or add to an existing protocol

Application or Protocol Number: a number assigned to the protocol once approved. The terms Application Number and Protocol Number are used interchangeably. This number used to be called an ECN (Ethical Clearance Number)

If your SCU log in details don’t work, email  to have an IRMA account created with the following details:

  • Name (first name and surname)
  • Title
  • Gender (if not apparent)
  • School or Research Centre
  • Staff or student number (if known)
  • ORCID (if known)